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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 18

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)

Friendly reminder to read the first Thought post before continuing if you have not read it yet! Couple new banners up.

I am experimenting with things and trying some oekaki for Thought... because I tend to draw cleaner on the comp apparently. D: Plus it's a little more convenient for coloring.

In the past, with the few sketchbooks I've received, I've never reached the end and I would forget about their existence eventually. But for this Thought, I reached the end of the first sketchbook I've had in years. I got it at the start of winter semester at the beginning of the year. I dunno much about these kinds of things since I'm not an art student, but the cover says it has 100 sheets and... 60 lb. (89 g/m squared)? It definitely doesn't weigh 60 lb., so what is that value is supposed to mean o_o; Luckily, I bought a 2nd one before the end of the school semester. XD; Even so, I'd like to give my tablet a little more exercise since it's been so unused (I've had it since sometime early in high school).

Gawappamon is actually... kind of cute? Well, as cute as a groovy kappa can be ~('.'~)

WOW I'm slow. I just realized how much Ikuto takes his appearance after Mercurimon's. I actually have a VERY SHORT TERM visual memory... but once I've drawn something a few times over, I can remember what pretty much anything looks like for many years. Except kanji. And other things related to lines and math. ....... Ahhhh I'm so useless.

Anyway, yeah, he claims to have raised Ikuto like he were his own son. Go away you people who think he's Masaru's father. What the heck, just because so many people in this series are separated from being a typical family doesn't mean you're logical to mix and match their relations with anyone you please. Seriously, you get things like "THE OLD MAN IS MASARU'S FATHER WHO TRAVELED BACK THROUGH TIME TO FIX A MISTAKE" etc... No, I don't read through the speculation topics for the most part, but people complain to me about them and with valid points. XD

Shall I join in the chorus of "ANIKI TUEEEEEEEEE" *throws arms up* Ahaha though I really did find myself swinging my arms around happily during his scenes. It's a great feeling.

Click for full. And copy/pasted description from the oekaki because I'm lazy-- "zeopower inspired me to do another RO (Ragnarok Online) bit of Tohma and Masaru... this time Tohma is Mastersmith and... Masaru is his pet Bongun. >w< .......... Actually, I was just going to do only Tohma at first (animation), but the temptation took over.... And then he was going to be a Monk like the other one I did, but... hehee thoughts happened. Bongun are good with their fists too! >w< ~~~~ I haven't played RO for almost 2 years now though... waaa T__T"

Just wanted to know what the DATS uniform could look like on him... XD Nya this page is shorter this week. Color really does make things take longer for me... ^^; It was a fun, plotty ep... and it seems we'll be getting mostly Ikuto in the next few eps. Waii, Masaru, good job bringing him to the human world~ Now he can join the trend of raiding Masaru's household and being all close family cute moe~ Just make sure he doesn't try your mother's tamagoyaki, Big Problem.

As the fall semester is coming back up soon, I'm sort of... trying to relax while I can. Which includes lots of indulging on tomatoes. :o Of course, there's still the occasional housework. I'll do what I can!
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