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[talk] A LOT of random T___T

Mm, finished taking pics of things I'm planning to sell... now to organize...everything else ahhhhhhh.

As petshopmistress requested, I opened up an oekaki board for others to join if they want so that she can doodle in peace of mind that her stuff won't get deleted and blah. XD I can see she will be frightening once she gets her tablet.

I have DODGED jury duty that was planned for tomorrow. D: I got a letter several weeks before saying that I was in group 31, but they ended up only calling in groups 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15 and 16 (what was wrong with 12?). Mm, but it could've been an interesting experience. Oh well, not like it'd get as entertaining as 12 Angry Men. D:

Lolol Seki Tomokazu played the jester in MAR 57. Though he definitely had it better in Yakitate. XD


Some day, maybe I can archive a bunch of the stuff in my time capsule closet because... I had a really weird childhood. Very... weird. Oh, what the heck is all of this. "Horror" stories with the most random things going on, random imagination explosions while playing Oregon Trail... I made up a newspaper with an old friend and I made a ton of ads and comic strips and lots of weird news pages... weiiird. But for now, it's more settling to keep all that weirdness to myself.

Occasionally, a project in the academic arena will inspire me to put all my mind to it. The majority of those projects occurred in middle school with English teachers in each grade from 6th-8th whom I loved more than any of the other teachers I've ever had. They inspired me... and they said I inspired them in return. Ah, such innocent relationships I had back then...

These are scans of the poetry book I did in 7th grade. The students got to pick a theme to do at least 10 poems with certain forms (ode, haiku, freeverse, etc) as requirements. The suggested themes were things like "blessings" "colors" "love" and other intangible, vague things. And I didn't want to think that much, so I chose animals just because I like animals. D: Sloppy scanning. Yes, the pages suffer from the green line in my scanner child. D: Warning... it's littered with kiddy Pokemon imagination. Come on, 7th grade.

Paul tells me I write VERY cynical poetry and that my poetry still is today... so cynical it's depressing, but not exactly. But I do it so subconsciously... and my English teachers in middle school were always so cheerful and encouraging around me... so how was I supposed to know.


I caught Lina sneaking into my bed again~ The dog Bowdu went to California for the weekend with my sister to check out places to rent, so she went back to sleeping on the box behind me for the most part. After the sun sets, she moves back to the table next to my bed again.

Corn and bawan for dinner. The fried bawan in Taiwan is VERY YUMMY AND FILLING~ If the corn isn't too soft and juicy (I like mine to be a little on the firm and dry side... but not like the corn in Taiwan that has the texture of beans x_X), I can eat it off the cob like this~

Grah this is so disorganized XD
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