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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 17

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)

Be in a good mood when you read this one please o.o;

Moe style came back! Moe style came back! And it made up for the scary style they used for the Yoshino/Neon ep! waiwai party \o/

Waa, the fisherman Hiroshi came to visit the kids. Now to see his HIDDEN POWERS. D: six_crazy_guys made an entertaining icon from the ep 13 page. XD

yen_san cosplayed Masaru.~ I would definitely be lazy and just buy Bandai's iC. Though I'm waiting off to see if Burst will tempt me enough... *___* Actually, the one Digivice I have is... it's the original Digimon Tamagotchi, the very very first one... I was really into Tamagotchis back then. D: I remember I wanted one the Digimon one so badly because you could link up with another Digimon Tamagotchi and battle it out. I even got two and gave one to a friend who had Tamagotchis so we could link up and fight, but I don't think we ever did in the end. It's hidden in my room somewhere, so maybe I'll come across it some day.

Masaru fighting! Can't get enough of it x3 Certainly quite a difference from the soccer goggle boys who'd only use their skills in RUNNING. Running, running, and more running. Well, at least in Adventure and 02. The Tamer kids were just brilliant and the Frontier ones didn't have to run. But Masaru... Oh, this changes the pace quite a bit.

The right is a screencap from the MÄR raws I've been downloading, but waiting to marathon. The reason? Lah.~

Pink! Still need to cross Satsuma... XD Waiting for an ep where he gets more action. Actually, I've kind of been keeping a list of what character animation director has been doing what ep for future reference... maybe can make a comparison chart like someone did for Gundam SEED Destiny (though this shot's not very complete >_>). Very interesting. XD

Chibi Yoshino is cute. >w<

Mini conversation I had with seraphimon (Feelie) on IRC pertaining to the Savers group pic I finished the other day:
< Feelie> And why is Agumon opening Masaru's shirt and sniffing at his chest!?!?!?
< Splash> XDDD
< Splash> I couldn't find another way to put him
< Splash> so
< Splash> I'm gonna have to do something better sometime
< Splash> so it's a big orz
< Feelie> Awww that was a joke, it a nice picture. =D
< Splash> thankies ;-;
< Splash> AHAHAHA Agumon x Masaru
< Feelie> Wait, Agu is seme?!?!?
< Feelie> Hmm interesting scenes come to mind with Agu as seme.
< Feelie> o_O
< Splash> interesting scenes XD~~
< Splash> there are some fanarts of him being... extra playful
< Splash> is how it usually comes up
< Feelie> Ah.
< Splash> and Masaru's like x3 waaa that tickles...!!! x3!!!! x3......... x|..... xO.........
< Feelie> ...XD!
...and then the conversation turned into dogs and human female parts, but that's something else... D:

I apologize that it came out this way... ...But really, Toei animation, you do some funny things sometimes. Gaomon finds Tohma's Digivice on the cliff where Tohma/Yoshino/Raramon fell, then shortly after, you see the Digivice with Tohma... and what's with Tohma getting injured, but not really getting injured. Hidden intentions? +___+ What timely recovery at the end, Tohma... :D

You may be better off not reading this... XD
Huh so the vocalist for One Star, Itou Yousuke, played Urahara Kisuke in Rock Musical BLEACH. zeopower6 led me to his blog too. Mm collecting seiyuu/artist blog links is fun. Though I don't have many bookmarked yet ^^;;;
"Kon-chan moeeeeeeee kitaaaaaaa.~" nadonado
Bah, actually, I think I was better not knowing that because now I keep seeing him in the Urahara outfit instead of Digimon nostalgic goodness. XD;

Click above thumb for larger res. Did this really sloppily, sorry. Yay random designing in Photoshop!

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