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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 16

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)

Gijinka Falco-aniki~ Yes, eventually you shall join Masaru's man harem of manly men. XD 男はなあ...!

Random... I wonder whose animation style they'll use for the movie... :O No idea at this point. XD

Random Yoshino spree because I don't do much of her. Just a very normal girl, yet only a year younger than me... well, soon to be two x_x... I'll miss being a teenager. Hoping the next ep will be good. I remember Lilymon from Adventure somehow giving me much more respect for Mimi. I used to think she was just a ditz. I was still in middle school at that time though. Not sure what I was thinking back then sometimes. Some day, I'll look back at this and once again wonder what I was thinking... :D

Bububububu sloppy copy/pasting Digimon collage! \o/ Fruity (flowery?~) okama Blossomon and Yukidarumon the MOM~~~~ The poor MOM!!!! Wow, there's so much family separation in this series... D:

More sloppy copy/pasting! Gaomon cutecutecute. ='.'= YES, MASTER.

Gaomon's face... *petpet* But uh... wow Masaru and Tohma. XD This scene from catching Masaru playing in the water with Agumon and 「ぶんちん?」「ワクチン.」... aahaha Masaru embarrassing himself in Tohma's presence. ♥

...Ohh, but Masaru can score back too. In a very serious way. When Falcomon tells the boys about Yukidarumon's death, Tohma's all "But death doesn't really exist for Digimon D:" which sets Falcomon off. Masaru gives Tohma a big 'ol rawr glare and the blond shrivels off and he's all "D': .....sorry... orz" Tohma's insensitivity makes for good fanfics and such. ;3 For some reason, I'm tempted to do a parody sub Chopstick-style. XD; I get that for a lot of monster series.

More uke entanglement, mwahaha. A lot of people on the forums complain that Masaru has to keep punching Digimon to get his DigiSoul and still hoping that he won't have to do that eventually, but I don't see what's so bad about that.~ At least he's not like Pokemon's Ash/Satoshi who tries it without any chance of getting anywhere. xD And I like watching him fight. Fighting is what makes Masaru Masaru, after all. I like this kind of homage to one's own identity. Makes him attractively reliable. vv;~~

Omg I archive-inked something. It's been a long time. Waaaaaah I finally was able to install my tablet to my laptop so I can use it when I head back to umich later this month. 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

And while it'll be quieter (hopefully) than the dorm I stayed in last year and I'll have a single, I'll probably have to bring my printer this time, and then there won't be a convenient snack store to spend my meal credits on when I'm really short on time and some other good convenients from the dorm I stayed in last year... Well, it'll be yet another different experience. :)
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