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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 15

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)

Tohma episode :o

Going to start with a little SPAM! \o/ No worries, it's all Digimon entertainment. XD
●Kyaa, people like making icons over at digimon_savers
digi_tomato join join... though it's still in construction atm XD
●LOL, a glimpse into ... some backlash of being in the fandom. Too many people in the world. XD

Dodge, Gaomon, dodge! Some very fun Digimon action in this episode for once. x3 Haha, I won't spoil much about that.

Waha, Masaru does get bottom quite often, ne. Whether he likes it or not. d(>w< )

Gaomon pointing out MetalPhantomon's identity randomly makes me wonder about his times with Tohma. Studying Digimon together?~ Studying other subjects together?~ Graduated from college already...! What happened in between the chibi and the current? And right before entering DATS and the current? Waa, the thoughts run wild.

Well here's the progressional purpose of the episode, enter the Gaomon Perfect! Quite hot, Nakai-san. x3

A glimpse of Yoshino's background in this ep. There was a piano in the graytone setting. She suffers from stereotypical Asian parents?!?!?! Haha, I'm sure it's more than that, but I'd want to hug her all the same even if it was... *swtswt* Yoshino-san, the 2chan want your ero.

Maybe it's sadistic, but I find it quite an interesting sight to see men crying. A guy I know at umich told me... after I recommended One Piece to him and he watched the first 50ish eps... that he cried watching it more than he had ever cried in his whole life. It made me grin. >D It was wonderful.

But wait, that's off-topic.~ Nojima Hirofumi's cries and shouts in this ep... saikou great~ vv;~ That's some fun stuff. Though I think I was enjoying his voice too much that I didn't get saddened by the actual story. XD A sad story, really. I must be too upbeat. It happens ^^;;~~ Very sad...

Eeya, I want image songs. XD In the meanwhile, I can re-listen and love up all the BL stuff he's done stuff for, like Gakuen Heaven... Speaking of which, members of blheaven can download nanya's rip of the DVD Special Talk CD along with her wonderful review ^_^ It's so hilarious. xD Ahh, it makes me happy. Strip, Noji, strip. XDDD

What's this supposed to be... Seems a lot of people are having big emotional times these days. Let it all out :)

Ikuto's not pleased. Better not crack that around Tohma D:
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