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[talk] Tomatoes. And lots of pictures. D:

I've gone tomato. \o/ *points to layout* And the full image~

Would it be horrible to post translations of fanfics for digi_tomato? XD I'd write my own, but I fail at that. I find it more fun and worthwhile translating, but is that okay... x_x;

Got the cards :D Scans at digimon_savers: this post

Anyway, while shuffling through my time capsule of a closet for stuff to go in the anime garage sale, I took a little detour into Pokemon and Digimon nostalgia. ._.;;

I have a scary figure collection.~

...greenhouse tomatoes.~ Click the thumbs below for larger versions.

zeopower6 wanted to see the Japanese-style curry I make. So here, in its giant pot glory though you can't really tell. D: It looks really oily on camera. It's still pretty watery there too.

It's the Pokemon figure collection... most of it at least. I still have some pieces scattered here and there in my room ^^; And Lina wondering the heck why they exist and wanting to drag them away.

I have a whole little universe planned with these figures when I was playing them back in the old days... For some reason, I'd have these two Scyther be the leaders of the mini-herd of Tauros and they'd be the ones to go through random rampages in the "Poketopia."

This group lived in a cave on the outskirts of Poketopia because they were too rough to be allowed in the public areas... or something. XD The Bulbasaur family wasn't really included in it, but they're there... because.

Old school Team Rocket Pokemon! Plus other ones that TR members often had in the games. Sandshrew and Sandslash ride a red wagon. Yes, they cause trouble, but they're good times. XD

Creepy fellows. These guys live on the outskirts of Poketopia too. They make long-distant attacks on the inner part of Poketopia with their psychic powers and then chuck Voltorb and Electrode like bombs occasionally. They're terrorists now that I think about it. :( Yeah, I avoided playing with this group much. XD

Forest dwellers I guess. Kyaa, all the gold/silver Pokemon. <3 ~

PINK HEALING POWER. Mew takes care of Pokeballs in a basket like they're eggs or something. The tiny Chansey is so cute. x3~

I love birds.~ The normal/flying bunch.

Err, kind of disorganized. The cats (including Mewtwos) were in one place while I didn't really have a place for the rest. xD The cats would be like the city council.

...It's not a Pokemon collection without some Pikachu insanity. Man, I just noticed one of the Pichu is covering up surfing Pikachu. >O

Anybody remember the Burger King kids meals when the first Pokemon movie was coming out? D: These are just the tops... I had a ton of those fat keychain toys they gave out too. Man... how many kids meals did I eat during that time. X_x;

Flying legendaries and the eons!!!! <3 One of my Lugia figures is a knockoff, but it's not bad XD But Lugia and Ho-Oh are so awesome, plus they're bigger than the rest XD~~

I forgot where most of these guys came from.. ._.; But omg look how tiny the Pikachu is... so cute >w< The silver thing is a metal Kangaskhan. D:

Fire types and ancients. The fossil ones came with fossils, aka poops of plastic. D:

Did I mention Charizard is my favorite Pokemon? Yes... yes. Actually, I find it really scary how many different Charmanders I have, yet they're all in the same pose.

There are too many water type/water-dwelling Pokemon out there. D: This isn't all of them that I have.

The Scyther figure was one of my top favorites... I had him ride his friend Blastoise like he was Yoshi.

And LOL this is my first male/male shipping ever, I believe. Before I knew any terms existed pertaining to that kind of thing. Male Charizard x Male Scyther. And the Scyther would be very public about it. Charizard was the seme though. I even did a fanart of the two in bed once but that's nowhere online thankfully. My art back when I was 10 years old. Yeah. Good times.

By the way, do NOT use eBay to get these figures. As I just saw from a little curious browsing, 99% of the 2" figure sales are knockoffs. All those gross painting jobs... D:

Kyaa, I had forgotten I had these for so long, how could I T___T They're so good.~ I'd love to get more XD I came across these in a completely random Asian store in Toronto, Canada. :< I remember that I really wanted the Gargomon and Kyuubimon ones too, but these were the last two boxes they had and they were random.

I don't remember how I got a Garudamon figure at all. But she's missing a wing...!!!!!! :< So she's not very happy about that. And I have a bunch of other random Digimon toys, most of them from Toronto again.

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