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[talk] Yaoi-con?

Hmm, petshopmistress (leanne), bum and I are thinking about going to Yaoi-con this year. Leanne and bum are pretty set on going, but I still have doubts. Cons are great, but they eat up a lot of money and are generally very stressful on me, and this one would be stressful x2 since it takes place close to midterms in the fall. Though I'm not going to Otakon and wouldn't mind trying out other cons, especially one that focuses more on this particular aspect of the fandom. ...But it still has a lot of backlashes-- Eih, it's still the US. Anybody else going and wants me to come? I lack motivation atm XD

I'm going to rattle off some junk about my OTPs later to get it off my chest. Doing the tomato quiz was a pretty good relief. XD And need to go grocery shopping again. It was pretty interesting going to Meijer at 6am. 90% of the few people there were employees, and only one checkout lane in 50 or so was open. Lots of empty aisles and me being a weird lone dork browsing the toys section... ah the nostalgia.

I'm using Celga to get the Digimon Savers cards. They said they have it in now and I hope they shipped since I sent the shipping request in a couple days ago. Also hope the upcoming winter movie will delight!!! x3!

Anybody want to jump the gun on digi_tomato with me? XDDD If Savers hits US TV, some scary things will happen, but it could be okay... (~>_>)~ Maybe I could translate more random things... XD;;

I watched PoTC2, but I found it really really... "meh." I'm sorry, Depp. D: Probably because I had just finished rewatching all of Digimon Tamers not long ago. ... ... *bawls in its goodness*
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