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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 14

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)

My hands have been hurting these days because I've been doing more than I usually do with them, including practicing a few strenuous piano pieces and some non-fun stuff. I'll try to take it easier. It's also really hot these days again. All the air conditioning in this house gets sucked into the basement. I spent some days downstairs in the house, but then Lina doesn't have her box to sleep behind me, plus Lucy bugs her, so I went back to my room. XD

Friendly reminder to read the first Thought post before continuing if you have not read it yet!

Ahh. Randomly listened to the Tamer duets last night. Actually resulted from thinking about Pokemon's Harley, which got me listening to Ryo's duet with Cyberdramon, and then the rest... got caught in nostalgia... so I rewatched the beginning half of Tamers, especially the Deva arc. It's been soooo long...!!! Yet damn, it's still so beautiful. yappari, Tamers my overall favorite season, even though I like many things about each season. Most well-rounded too. Even with the eps that had horrible artwork, the animation direction stayed fluid, so it didn't distract me nearly as much as it does in Savers. ...And I do have a soft spot for all of the instrumental character themes guuu... Tamers also has my favorite Digimon OST... Wish they'd put that much detail into Savers. XD God damn it, I want to see new Digimon in action instead of recycled ones that aren't even animated as well as they were in previous seasons... most of them don't even have interesting characteristics. *knocks Toei around* .__.; Their time of doing a sloppy ending for Gash Bell must be getting to them still. Nooo, you can't do that for something that doesn't have a manga to back it up!! rawr. If it weren't for the SUPAR BL attraction, I dunno how far I would be getting on these. XD Savers has a lot to catch up on if it wants to get anywhere close to something like Tamers (or even Adventure/02). I anticipate XD~
Mmm... I just noticed that Savers also lacks a cute eyecatch like all the other seasons have. Waa. This plus the shorter intro/outro give time to present more material in each episode though. XD~~
And Believe is hot. xD

...scary. I won't go into this.

Agumon is very cute in these kinds of poses. X3 Tamagoyaki!

Masaru's father... I agree with all those fangirls. すごくかっこい...! Ee, he was a nice sight. I certainly hope he comes up more in the future and not in the form of something like Mercurimon like certain people on the English forums are conjuring up =_=; Then again, these are people who think the fisherman is of blood-relation to Masaru because he's standing next to them "like family" in the opening. Lollerskates please stop you're crushing my ribs.

Roughs of gijinka Gaomon and Agumon. Need to experiment with these folks. XD

More testing things out. Hmm, not quite.

The many times itterated shota, Ikuto. Voiced by Kugimiya Rie. Hahah, and he really does have a Tarzan-ish speech pattern like the typical anti-human jungle kid he is. .___. Le sigh.

Shota attack!

キャーキモイ! Poke the thumb for the larger version. I can't get any worse in public I think. Actually, Onmyou Taisenki really made quite a display with theirs. Please don't ask if you don't know what I'm talking about... hehe. Lol.
Ooh, but recently on an lj community, someone shared this bit of Hoshi Souichirou (Masaru's seiyuu) singing like a girl for Kannagi no Tori. It's not as SCARYconvincing as Tomokazu Seki's, but............. I love it when you guys break my brain like this. 8D *edit* It's not actually him, but people edited it to make it sound like it XD */edit*

You silly 2chan'ers and posting random shots of Kagura for the Kugimiya goodness. Sadaharu dog eat you. And your Falcomon. No able to resist. Power to Gintama. XD

This is not officially part of Thought; it's in PENCIL. Not like that helps me improve x_X ダメっぽい、私.

Ep 15

It's a little tomato. A friend of my parents gave me a bunch of spaghetti a couple nights ago. I've been eating it with extra tomato sauce.
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