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[crack] Seiyuu seiyuu - Digimon Savers 14... surprise surprise

eeeee kitaaaa...

Kugimiya Rie is Ikuto! XDDD

And instant shota on Masaru action! XD

And not long after came Alviss vs Bell action! Oh that's too much fun XDD

wtf? XDD!!

Yeah, it took me too long to figure out why people were posting random Kagura (Gintama) shots on the 2ch thread and then I started actually reading what they were saying. .__.;

Ohh... and I'm likely to get a box of those Digimon Savers cards in a few weeks. Thank you for the help, Zeo~~ Note: Jul. 24th email

Also after a long delay, I'm finally going to marathon s-CRY-ed... XD

Oh... and about Death Note anime cast .... rumor/statement/thing... well, official or not, it's fun to see so many people interested in who it'll be... +_+
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