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[talk] Planning to sell stuff

Iconage. D:

So this will be like a garage sale, except anime-style...! I have a TON of posters to sell along with doujinshi, artbooks, calendars, figures and some other random things. Need some time to take pictures of everything, etc. Probably post 'em up next month when my older sister is home so I can horde her for post office trips because I'm lazy as heck when it comes to shipping stuff? :D And she says she likes shipping stuff... And she has stuff to sell too like capsule toys and whatnot... :D Prices will be very cheap, such as posters $1-$2, artbooks/doujinshi and calendars for $10 or something like that. And from a huge range of fandoms, so please check it out when it's ready :)

I still have a few things to consider as well, such as using eBay, Paypal and such... eBay's a little troublesome with commission fee since the big bulk of my stuff are just these posters... Also thinking if I should have people on my friends list get priority or just have everything be first come, first serve. Probably the latter since I just want to get things sold and gone... XD Well, depends on what you want lol.

I REALLY want to know where to get these Digimon Savers cards .___. (image from Bomb Boy, though some other fansites have other images) There are a few images in there I'd love to scan. XD

Lina's sub name is another result of Leanne sleeping over the weekend... Lina's sub name is Mikoto, like Princess Princess Mikoto... XD Because she can't make normal noises when you look at her and touch her and stuff. She always sounds like she's complaining or really disturbed. XD
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