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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 12

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)


Still waiting for my desire to use the tablet to rekindle, but this should tide in the meantime. @_@

So yes, if you haven't heard yet, the plot MOVES in this episode...! And it really rolls in quickly... I hope it takes us for a good, long happy ride. Ahh and I want to know who voices Ikuto already~

Those are... SHOES...! XD What, never seen shoes with talons?

Well, some people are complaining about Toei changing Falcomon's colors for Savers, and more yet about the fact that he looks more owl-like now. Well, I guess that happens when you become a ninja. 8D But hey, gijinka are fun~ So I did one for Falcomon and Piyomon~ Falco is semi-shota to match Ikuto pupupu. Maybe I should do the others? Like Gaomon?~~~ XD

Waii, protective love! Piyomon x Chika forever!! XD Iiyaa, well Piyomon's maybe just a little boy if humanized, but Chika would probably prefer the bigger, older type ne. xD

でもね... Fighting against Piyomon man to man.. Masaru you're such a man yet not at the same time!! XDDD Gaaah, what is this? What is this?!?!?! I can't seem to explain it! XDDD

Erm... Just messing around. orz

MOE BANZAI!!! Yes we all know how much Tohma just wants to do Masaru when everyone's looking. Actually, I really kept thinking wrong things in the scene when Masaru was consulting with Tohma about Piyomon and Chika... Ahaha..
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