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[talk] Summer Summer Digimon Story~ Summer 2006 anime end

Cleaned up my friends list again.

Err, I think there might be a delay with the upcoming Thought pages because Digimon Story likes my attention~ Or maybe it's one of those spontaneous times when I feel like my artistic skills are null. Savers is so MOEEEEEEEEE but I can't get anything on paper!!! Why? I tried a few things today and they all flopped miserably, so I've given that up for the day. Maybe a full out fangirling session with petshopmistress is desperately in store and I just don't really know it. I feel fine, but I just can't get in the specific mood and I end up drawing crap crap. And who wants crap crap... Ahh what should I do :(

So... how many people have Digimon Story and wi-fi? :O I need experience with my wi-fi, but I can't do it at home because my dad set up our wireless routers with WPA, which DS' wi-fi doesn't support apparently. Or is Nintendo's Wi-Fi USB Connector supposed to be able to override that? Because that's not letting me get through either. The connector and DS send signals to each other fine, but it won't let me get on the network. But dad is paranoid with internet security, so I can't ask him to do anything about it. Maybe something to look forward to when I go back to umich in the fall ._.;;;

My strongest Digimon so far is my Agumon I got from devolving DotAgumon and re-evolving it. He tanks my mega Digimon. @@; I do love being able to carry 6 at once like Pokemon~ But fighting with 3 instead of just one or two is MORE LOVELOVE.

Also thanks to Digimon Story, I've fallen extremely behind on many of the continuing series that are 1 or 2 ♥'s on my list, but I definitely wanted to finish the ones that ended recently. So...
Uwaa, Princess Princess and Gakuen Heaven ended. There go two of my editing/QC projects... once they're done. At least until aarinfantasy invites me for something x3~ Summer season's coming up and it kind of feels like they're animating some series just for the sake of milking out the series itself asap o_O; Well, as long as they're GOOD, it's nothing to complain about ne ;3 We'll see... final heart scales:

Fate Stay Night - ♥♥♥♥ (Uhyaa, solid h-game turned anime.)
Gakuen Heaven - ♥♥♥ (95% of the love for this is SIMPLY from the seiyuu cast. Yes, there's the light BL though the games and cds have better fanservice, nice music and art, but really... the cast. It's that happy. xD)
Juuousei (Jyu Ou Sei) - ♥♥♥+(It's only 11 episodes. If you want a GOOD quickie, do this hands down.)
MAJOR 2nd season - ♥♥♥♥♥ (Goro/Toshi OTP.)
Mushishi - ♥♥♥♥+ (Meditation. The moving animation, music and storytelling is mesmorizing.)
Princess Princess - ♥♥♥♥ (lah~)

Aahh, watched 60 Minutes today, which was inspiring yet somehow depressing. About the blind + mentally impaired people who are geniuses with music... the first language of sound waves... kyaa. Makes me wish I had that kind of limitless gift with something and the fortune to have people around who are willing to compensate for the lack in other aspects.~ So fortunate...

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