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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 11

Digimon Savers 11 raw downloads:
Batch torrent, TV raws ep 11-15 http://forum.digimonhimitsu.com/download.php?id=182
MegaUpload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KD7Z2UKF

Well hmm, I'll be honest. Nothing in episode 11 itself inspired me XD. *patpats the manju-making father and son* 12 will probably have something though. ^^; So instead, I have a lot of random WEIRDNESS.
Okay, now that that's that (何それ), time for the other stuff XD! Lazy formatting ahead.

ukyouluvr brought up the subject of Masaru possibly using "boku." Honestly though, I don't like 僕 all too much because it always gives me the image of the overly uke shota boy in a series sometimes. My senses are very... sensitive, and they connect with each other in extreme ways sometimes, so whenever I hear something, I tend to image it VERY STRONGLY. Which is BAD BAD for me to do in certain cases like this! XD So then I can think about Yamapi and 2nd season MAJOR's Toshiya and I'll feel better. But it's really just something I can't help doing. I really don't want to imagine Masaru going "boku" because then I'll just see Hoshi's other roles where he's used that instead. orz

Color trio!

There had been some rumor that Kumai Motoko would be Agumon before the series started airing, but now that that's not true anymore, it'd be really funny if she were to do the upcoming Ikuto. It'd be so... shotarific Beyblade again. XD

何、このポーズ... Err... Kyaa, I hope they release image songs for this season. I want to hear more Nojima Hirofumi and Nakai Kazuya and Hoshi songs and other fun things~ XD

Omg it's Yoshino

Episode 11 was delayed a week for the world cups~ I was at my sister's at the time, and they don't have a TV, so I wasn't really able to watch it. Though a bot in the i2 connection IRC channel has .avi's of all of the games. :O

I did these animalistic ones at a relative's in Taiwan because all of the little cousins were gathered around and watching me... and I can't draw bishies when people are watching me. My speed-style really takes over and I end up with things like these within a few minutes.

Digimon Story for DS! SAIKOU! One of my farm Digimon gave me the three sets of missions dealing with Tohma, Masaru and Yoshino. That was quite cute. Your character asks Masaru "Tohma? You know him?" and Masaru's like "Huh? Well, yeah I guess..." pbbb. Anyway, I'll be playing this like mad with all the time I can manage XD

lololol. I'll color this or another one of the pics or something if someone can tell me what this is in the detail I'm looking for. XD

They could be riding Gaogamon, but it's probably GeoGreymon as Masaru is leading. The thought of them riding something together excites me very much. wakuwaku~

And these three are duds... click thumbs for the full size~

I've finally discovered that the pens I've been using (free pens I got from the Office of International Programs at university.. XD) work very differently under chilly conditions! Take the first Tohma dud up there... It's a lot... "fuzzier" and less bolder as a direct result of the cold air surrounding me while I was drawing it. So I prefer to draw under more lukewarm conditions... Masaru and his ketchup hair. Pbb. Hmm, maybe that's not an appropriate way to describe it. Okay, I'm done being random. Next one will be more coherent maybe... XD

Last semester in Japanese calligraphy class, we got to pick out a kanji character to carve out on our own hanko. I was REALLY out of ideas for anything since everyone else kept taking the cool choices I wanted (I have no idea how they were all thinking the same thing), so I went random and said I wanted tori 鳥, the kanji for bird, since I like birds. I was going to do 虎 (tiger) before, but it was too simple in the old writing style. So yeah, I took 鳥. It turns out that the kanji for my first name in Japanese (Ivy) is tsuta 蔦. I was only off by the grass radical on top scaryyyy 偶然でしょう. D: Well, I guess that's a new, indirect appreciation for my hanko seal. xD
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