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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 10

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)

I will be in Taiwan from Jun 7-19 with likely no access to a scanner the entire time, but I'll still try to keep up with the online things, watching the eps and drawing as much as I can and come back with stuff. So don't expect to see Thought 11 or 12 around that time. I'll either post them when I get back or merge it with 13. Either way, it'll be busy busy! :O

Healthy reminder for everyone to read the information on the First Digimon Savers Thought post before proceeding!

Especially because this week's Thought is a little different from the previous ones...

First section screenshots, closing section my art.~

I like this animation style. It's so nicely... MOE compared to the other styles. They did ep 4 too. XD

...Although they slip up occasionally still. xD Tohma's right sleeve...

Now that's nostalgic. *puu*

いくらなんでも...首には... Yes, I'm one of those pathetic fangirls who gets kicks out of these kinds of things. I know it's bad. Ohoho. XD~

Okay, now for the art. XD Some of the ones this round are a bit on the large resolution side, so please click the thumbs for the larger version when applicable. :)

Almost every Japanese fansite with illustrations I've been to for Savers has done Masaru in a maid's outfit (homage to ep. 7)... so... yeah, small temptations. :X

W-Wha... H-His head! Argh!!! But too late now. nanya_hime and your wild thoughts kanpai~ Cat Tohma and combined with Gaomon make the lovechild Panda Masaru~ A baby one?

Interesting she mentioned that before the ep 10 aired because the neck-grabbing thing just brought too many memories of when I was told how to pick up cats when they were young (not when they get older). Hehe... like how the characters in Loveless have their normal ears along with the cat ears and tail until...

こいつ... Or perhaps the more travel-size version is more appealing...

I'll color this one later? ;D *is shot for the Taichi/Yamato sacrilege before she can*

For some reason I was feeling extremely BL last night and somehow I couldn't vent it on paper with another pair .___.~~ So this and the one above came out of it. I... I... I am guilty. In a way, this is more like trying to invoke thoughts more than actually making them. XD But I like doing that too.
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