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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 9

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)

It's been a very hot memorial weekend here with temperatures in the high 90s F (30s C), plus almost 100% humidity. In order to use my tablet, I have to turn on an older, big computer that really heats up my room, which is hotter than the other rooms in the house as it is already. On top of that, the computer is very unstable, and it usually takes me half an hour or more to get it running properly. Unfortunately, I can't install my tablet onto my laptop because I got the tablet before USB 2.0 became the standard, and it has to connect to a computer using something that my laptop doesn't support. Well, it just means I couldn't bring myself to use my tablet this week. Maybe another time. Oh, how I would so love another tablet or a high-end touchscreen monitor... XD Ahaaa, nante ne...~ I'm still fine with things this way though it gets in the way more often than not. ^^;

If Gaomon were a more manageable size... Wait what? Huh? o_o

The guest character for this episode is this Hayase Tsubasa, a boxer whom Tohma admired since he was a chibi watching him on television on a classy chair in a dark room. Yaw. Hmm, besides being pretty much the perfect "role model" of sportsmanship, there's nothing interesting about him outside of what happens in the episode. D: Okay, moving on.

Tohma pulls some fun angsty faces in this ep. Your ideal boxer is going to focus on his family over sports... The family thing again! Angst, boi, angst!!! Err...

Masaru pulls more fun expressions and gets himself into more cute situations. Hmm... again, nothing much more to say about that except that it's cute.~ Big Problem and True Monkey ♥. There are few monkeys I like...

Waa, was doing this Tohma, Kouji and Yamato for nanya_hime and I couldn't think of a way to set the three together... somehow, they ended up looking really weird and angsty looking. I'll have to come up with better schemes. XD In the meanwhile, hoi! ^^;

The little peak of the ep for me was when Tohma and Gaomon appeared on the ring together to fight the Digimon of the day, Togemon. Just trying to be too sports powar, haha. Though honestly, that won me. Why~ XD Uwaa! But Gaomon and Masaru knew what Tohma wanted at that moment. Points for the 3P! Though even after getting defeated in a boxing match, the Togemon became huge like the good 'ol Power Ranger randomness and Gaomon had to evolve to Gaogamon and finish it off in one move. Makes me wonder how the battles are going to be once there's an actual PLOT. Haha.

Lesson of the episode... Children are scary~. Pray tell the plague doesn't overtake other sport beauties like MAJOR even though it's very likely x___X; *dies* The FORESHADOWING, the FORESHADOWING!! Aie~ Well, can't really blame Hayase since he received those permanent injuries. Ah, the ultimate tragedy of sports...

And an extra note for the sports world... ganbare, Barbaro-san!!! ;___;

Oh yes, and happy birthday, Hoshi Souichirou!! (May 30th) お誕生日おめでとう 保志総一朗!
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