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[talk] Gintama, room pictures~

Kyaaa, I made some Gintama icons last night. x3~ Humor stuff is greaaaaat love at times. It's sad that Sunrise's Yakitate is over (patpats seraphimon_0000, hanjie and zeopower6, though you guys are still waiting for A-E to finish it ^^; ), but they're doing Gintama in its stead now. It's still goodness and loveeeee. In its own way. xD~ Edo jidai~ And it definitely has one of my favorite Nakai Kazuya roles, at least definitely for this spring season. He's also in xxxHOLiC and Digimon Savers (Gaomon!!~~~~~) for this spring season (and still the sleep-love that is One Piece's Zoro of course~), but I get the biggest happy kicks out of hearing him act for Gintama. His spazzes... XD!! Ahh.. ^^

Just having some indoor fun with the digital camera before I go to Taiwan next month.

It's reaaaaally sad how much Gundam SEED/Destiny stuff I have as a result of getting the anime magazines... But it rather sucks that Animedia pimps Tsubasa Chronicle in its place. Gintama love kthx!! ;___; Oh well, it won't happen.

Click for larger version

●Need to fill the gap to the right of this Gintama poster~ I have lots of candidates but haven't bothered to pick one.. XD

●Another gap I need to fill. Didn't want to change the HnG and hachikuro calendars to the next pages so they're stuck on off months. XD
●There's a GSD fan dangling on the corner of the tactics poster, and the bandana near that I won at the skit contest in Japanese class. ^^;

●Eih my most Narutard side of the room. Yet not. >D
●Plushie parade~ You can see the "PL" letters of my hoodie from high school orchestra that says SPLASH on the back. xD
●Actually, I have NO IDEA how I'm supposed to use calendars like the GSD and Fafner one where the images aren't perforated, so I can't clip them off the metal clasp!! So I've kept it on the front image. What am I supposed to do? XDD; orz

●Oo my monitor looks all blackened out. If you look closely, you can see what I have as my wallpaper... XD;
●I have little Digimon dangling all over my wall boards. The black lump near Pyocomon is too... lol. Tokomon is there as well if you can find him.~
●The GSD towel is also spread out there... yes, the infamous "I CAN RUB SHINN ON MY CROTCH" towel.

●The clear files and a couple random other things.
●Lina on my Kaizoku flag :O! She wants the nakama goodness <3 waa

●Assorted posters

●More assorted posters

●One shelf with some of the books from uni that I actually kept (for now...)
●Two copies of the Onmyou Taisenki manga~ *swt*

●Another shelf with my Animedia issues, some jump stuff and my artbooks (Fire Emblem!! <3 ) except the really tall Hikaru no Go one.

●Manga shelf except Onmyou Taisenki, which is on another shelf.

●DVD shelf and a couple games (many HUGS to the one who funded most of the Onmyou DVDs who has gone AWOL... ;___; Hope you are doing well...) Anime movie DVDs (Ghibli etc) are on the family shelf.

I avoided taking pictures of my burned DVD collections and other CDs because they scare me to look at them. *swt* I actually have a fairly huge room in this house, so I can afford to keep a lot of the stuff unorganized. Much gratefulness... but it's bad of me. Mom keeps buying me all these random clothes that I forget about and end up never wearing... and then they go around yelling at me to organize the clothes in my room at times. It's been very nice of her for the most part, but at times it's just overluxurious and causes more of a problem in the end. I don't know how more than half the clothes in my room came into existence in our household. m(_ _)m

Onmyou Taisenki manga chapters 8 and 9 (vol. 1 complete!) at pms_manga.
Ah My Goddess Sorezore no Tsubasa 3 Widescreen: http://www.gotwoot.net/torrents/[AonE-AnY]_Ah_My_Goddess_-_Sorezore_no_Tsubasa_-_03_[WS][FEC9AB51].avi.torrent

nikolai invited me to be on the fansub panel again this year at Youmacon in Detroit, MI. So I'll be making plans for it~ Kyaa!!! It's really nice having a con closer to home. :D Waa but I need to learn how to answer the questions they throw at me because I think I sounded pretty pathetic in the one last year orz. Couldn't think of examples on the spot! But I have even more experience now, so that should help out somehow. :3 Waii Nikolai~
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