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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 8

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)

Urgh, really no love for the animation in this ep. xD But it's Digimon.

Poor Yoshino, your ep got super jipped production-wise this time.~

Really, this animation style makes everyone look excessively uke or just plain YUCKY. XD These guys have been around for a long time though. Despised in Adventure through Gash and even now... Wargh. Yoshino's "saiyaku nan desu kedo..." fits this ep just nicely. 全くです... At least her seiyuu's acting skills have mellowed down to not noticeably terrible. Now it's just not noticeable for anything. She's LEARNING?! Yeah, prolly. Anyway, one of my OLD favorites, Seki Tomokazu plays Neon, the bish idol Yoshino "dates" as part of a DATS mission. Though it turns out that the two knew each because they were in the same class in elementary school... Seki Tomokazu played Arishie in Konjiki no Gash Bell!! which was airing during Digimon's absence on Fuji TV and animated by the same teams. In the end, Yoshino had to erase Neon's memory of Digimon and meeting her again. Even though she said she'd remember in his stead... Damn I would've want her to stay with some random bish guy like that so that it makes all the other guys in the series free of her~. :(

Huh? Why did I draw Yamato? What's he doing here on Savers Thought? Actually, this is an older pic that I forgot to put up somewhere. Let your imagination explain the rest... D: ... orz

Gaomon won me again. I got serious kicks out of him charging through the window to get into Neon's place and tumbling around afterwards... and then Tohma stepping in gracefully after him. Queen~~ Haha.

Erm, couldn't bring myself to do anything involving Agumon with his frozen pink popsicle treat because I'm sure it'd end up looking really phallic. So here's Tohma and Masaru having a moment with Keramon's Digiegg. Yaw. めでたし、めでたし.
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