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[talk] Simple Pleasures

Lina is my ideal sleeping partner when I'm in the mood for one, which is not often... vv; These past couple mornings I've been waking up to her really sleeping with me. As in she's on my pillow above my shoulder and has her head smashed against mine, and she's snoring away with cute, tiny breaths. She has twitch spasms every once in a while too. She's always had pretty sensitive skin like mine too. But none of her movements or noises disturbs me like the average humans' would. Such bliss... I definitely lied there on the bed for a couple hours just enveloped in her sleeping against me. I stick my hand over her to pet her and she starts using my hand as a pillow. *q*

These days, I usually stay asleep right in the middle of the bed, stomach-side up with my face facing the ceiling or my right side. Because of that, I can manage to sleep in a very narrow spot (like the couch at petshopmistress's previous apartment on the weekends when I ran away from my dorm) as long as everything else is comfortable for me, and I won't move so much in my sleep.

When I'm not sleeping, sometimes she'll take over my sleeping area like this (yes, those are fics in my drawers vv). Dad bought the family another digital camera (the same one my mom has while she's in China apparently). He wants me to take lots of pictures when I visit Taiwan next month, so he's left it in my care in the meantime. Maybe if I keep it by the bedside, I can manage to take a picture of uh... us sleeping together ._.; Hehe


I have a new OTP (One True Pairing)... and it's from a sports series. orz
Goro x Toshiya from MAJOR (torrents for subs, and I'll be glad to upload the opening/endings if someone wants xD~). And this is the kind of OTP that really sucks my heart in and refuses to let go evar~~ Even if crappy things happen like the end of Digimon Adventure 02~ But really now, I've been enjoying exploring the Japanese fansites in the MAJOR Ring. I think Momop has my favorite art. Much hotness. And Waltz of the Flowers has a rather satisfying fic and some other cute ones~

Just a few 2nd ending screenshots and something from ep 21 for guilty pleasures XD I left lyrics on purpose because... they're cute vv;

And it's from a sports anime... W-What is this... petshopmistress is the one who's obsessed beyond help with sports series, but I guess this one's my exception. xD I've been through a certain number of a sports series, but this pair really takes the cake for me. Well, I guess I have one to fill in a gap now... Monster shows, shounen, video game... and now I have a sports one to add to the list. Eee. @_@;

But ahh, I will be very deprived in after the next 4 episodes, since that will be the end of the 26-episode 2nd season. ;o;

*edit* While I'm on this--
Hey I was rummaging through my random seiyuu crackpile and I found this audio clip of Toshiya's seiyuu (Morita Masakazu) imitating Goro's seiyuu (Morikubo Shoutarou)... xD;;; He totally overdoes the accent but the tone is so there it's SCARY SHIPPY fun XD!!! http://www-personal.umich.edu/~ihorng/Fun/morita_masakazu_as_morikubo.mp3*/edit*
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