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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 7

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)

Erm, I've done some things I shouldn't have done with Photoshop. orz

Ahaha... orz

Waha! The episode where Tohma gets to be a part of Masaru's family... :D The thought of that is much amusement by itself indeed~ Gaomon's faces at the start of this ep... 最高! Ah, they were much fun. XD

Haha, Masaru has to take a supplementary test. Waa, Masaru using humble form to coerce Tohma was a pleasant thing to watch... though yes, he was just too obvious. XD ばれたって・・・当たり前だろう!? But his request afterwards was much goodness. It brought some sanity back into my heart. vv~ 「頼む・・・一日俺の家族になってくれ。」

Waa, Masaru's little sister Chika is cute~... Love for the simple food delights is a nice thing. xD~ Ah, it makes me want some. Yes, food really does bring everyone together. But haha, Tohma's Toei International credit card wasn't accepted in the restaurant. Ohhh shut down. XD

More Tohma blushing. ...D: *raises an eyebrow at all the people who think it's because he has a crush on one of the girls in Masaru's family* ...dude. XD; And there was blushing Gaomon too... <3 Anyway... yes, Tohma has a LOT of family angst .__.~~~

Tohma's longing for family leads to the viewers getting to see Masaru and Tohma when they were tiny~ wai chibis! No, they didn't know each other before DATS, but I couldn't help imagining if they were childhood friends... ahh~~ I'm a pretty big sucker for that kind of stuff if I like the characters...

Oi I did this for zeopower6 since I went "Tohma used 'PRODUCE' XD" (produce Chika's birthday) on IRC and then Zeo suggested I draw Masaru and Tohma in Shuji/Akira's Nobuta. wo Produce outfits. Other than that, there are a ton of other duos who have a better connection to Shuji and Akira. Oh well xD;

Lol Tohma trying to look so cool while he's riding on the merry-go-round. Aiya.~

Yes, one could say the episode was a weird dating game. Or not. D: What, I skipped over a lot of stuff. xD There were a lot of cute details that I can't seem to put into words this time. There were only glimpses of Tohma's background with the short flashback showing his Japanese mother, but maybe we'll get a better "background" episode later. Or they could leave it vague forever and leave it to the fans to make up horrible things in their imaginations XD~ Not very likely since none of the seasons have gone without a pretty big family background focus somewhere so far. But Savers in general is really different, so there's always the possibility. Don't think I'll mind either way. XD Without the textbox
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