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[talk] Death Note... \o/

Ahh, so this BRILLIANT, BRAIN-STABBING manga comes to an end. Yappari, I love Obata's art the most out of anything S-Jump~ You've gone leaps since Hikaru no Go, Obata-sensei~ I suck at explaining stuff, so go to Manganews if you want a summary.

Conveniently, a torrent for all 108 scanlated chapters of the manga, about 500mb: http://boxtorrents.com/download.php/129156/Death%20Note.torrent

I flipped through Viz's volumes in the bookstore the other day. Maybe after they finish...

A live action movie is coming to Japan on June 17 (2nd movie in October), anime series to come in the fall.

Read if you haven't yet. D:!

Hehehe, I saved the last 20 chapters or so to read in one shot and it was bloody worth it. XD; Matsuda... wow. I knew the ending would happen like it did, but of course, the way it was executed was really smooth. My brain enjoys ruminating this kind of stuff. Really, it was enough. Cheers. \o/

I can see myself being among the cultist group in the end. XD; Nooo why must the only Death Note poster I have... have only Mello and Near on it~~ Sorry, my hots are for Light and Mikami vv; L even.

Well, leave the rest of my thoughts to the people at DeathEyes who've said them in one form or another. And so many damn cool Death Note icons. XD;
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