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[talk] Fire Emblem... Wii!!! Wii! Wii! Wii! (E3 aftermath)

Fire Emblem Wii character shots. The guy (Sothe)... *q*~~~ I am so bad for thinking this, but I can't help but say "MATTHEW/GUY LOVECHILD" because his body gives me Matthew-build aura (all very physical, not related to how Matthew HANDLES his body though *squirms*), except he has green hair so that's GUY. XD; *shakes hand up and down* HAhaha, no I know he's his own person, but... I can imagine. orz

Makes me want a wii...!!!!!! orz And of course for Smash Bros Brawl and all the other hawt stuff as well... :O~~

Though my parents would probably kill me before they let me play on a TV game console for very long, let alone own one... XD; Must consult with Serg so we can obtain Wii goodness together in the future <3 *dies* He'll probably get one asap anyway .___. I can wait for you, dearest~~

Though... being backwards compatible with GameCube games (and heck, all the way back to NES games, holy crap D:~~) is a BIG catcher for me since the only TV game console I have ever is N64 and I still need to play Path of Radiance. .___.;~ Waa, I want to do what I can for this goodness. I wouldn't really be able to play it while at umich though, because that would mean having to bring a TV... unless my cute laptop's monitor would by some miracle have the capability to handle the graphics. *dies* Which means any possibility of me getting to a Wii will have to wait until summer 2007. XD

In the meanwhile, I can chip away at the Fire Emblem 7 BL Game I'm hoping to make with maradori by coming up with the scenarios, some dialogue whatnot... waa I'm not much of a writer though... I get bigbig writer's block. How to express all the wild ideas in my head... D: At the moment, I'm making a separate Matthew/Guy scenario and then doing well on that would unlock the rest of the game with all the other random couplings. XD; Or something like that. *q* So much work to do~~~!! Glahhhh I need more Matthew/Guy material to feed me~~~~~~
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