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[talk] Animedia/Animage May 2006 scans

I love how in the Simpsons, every ep starts with something that turns into a completely unrelated plotline~ Like how attending the Itchy and Scratchy musical turns into the plot of Lisa's struggles as she disguises herself as a guy to go to male side of a gender-segregated school. XD

Wai I made a new Gaogamon icon~ Yay for Saiyaman raws with commercials. XD

I still would like to find a place to get these faster without having to pay $10 more shipping or something @.@~~ Recently, there have been a few scanners on MiniTokyo who do a good job with the usual 2-pagers from Animedia, so I haven't bothered with those.

Digimon-related scans also available for a great certain people on the f-list. ;)

[animage may 2006]
Honey & Clover - http://pics.livejournal.com/splash/pic/00139bcp/g32
Kyou Kara Maou mini-clear file - http://pics.livejournal.com/splash/pic/0013achh/g32
Kyou Kara Maou mini-clear file (back) - http://pics.livejournal.com/splash/pic/0013ber3/g32
Princess Princess poster (QUEEN~~)- http://pics.livejournal.com/splash/pic/0013c7r2/g32

[animedia may 2006]
Gundam SEED Destiny OVA - http://pics.livejournal.com/splash/pic/0013f8w4/g32
Gundam SEED Destiny OVA (more) - http://pics.livejournal.com/splash/pic/0013er5b/g32

Haha, lots of biases flowing around because of the specific magazine, etc. but it's interesting anyway.
Animedia Spring Anime Series 2006 Voting Top 20 - http://pics.livejournal.com/splash/pic/0013g21x/g32

1. Tsubasa Chronicle
2. Ouran High School Host Club
3. Gintama
4. xxxHOLiC
5. School Rumble 2nd Semester
6. Princess Princess
7. Air Gear
9. Aa! Megami-sama! Sorezore no Tsubasa
10. Saiunkoku Monogatari
11. Juuousei
12. NANA
13. Higurashi no Naku koro ni
14. Digimon Savers
15. Inukami!
16. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
17. Makai Senki Disgaea
18. Kirarin Revolution
19. .hack//Roots
20. Nishi no Yoki Majo

I haven't really talked about the spring anime (besides Savers of course) in my own LJ (and really not that much in other LJs, forums, IRC either), but I might do a big ramble splurge after some time about all the stuff on my current list when I get some extra time. I did end up dropping a few ^^;

Gakuen Heaven 4 - http://aarinfantasy.edwardk.info/[aarinfantasy]_Gakuen_Heaven_-_04_[D285EB8A].avi.torrent
Princess Princess 5 - http://aarinfantasy.edwardk.info/[aarinfantasy-KissSub]_Princess_Princess_-_05_[CBAE1658].avi.torrent
One Piece Movie 5 + Baseball special (I forgot to post this last time.. D:) - http://tracker.kaizoku-fansubs.com/Torrents/[K-F]_One_Piece_Movie_05_and_Pirate_Baseball_King_[BATCH].torrent
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