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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 6

Wee ethanol fuel!

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)

It's been a long time since I used photoshop for coloring... since my early high school days? Somewhere during late high school, I switched to using Photoshop only for lineart preparation and then using Paint Shop Pro for everything else. But yappari, I'm more flexible with Photoshop in the end. ^^; Paint Shop Pro is really good for my Fire Emblem style, but I'm more acquainted with Photoshop's features. I wish I could be an artistic genius and use OpenCanvas as well as many others... but the buggy crashing aspect I hear about it scares me to death. @.@; I REALLY hate re-doing my work. Alas, this brings...

z0mg! Some color! Just some. XD

Yay, we get a little pride to get in the way this ep... eh? That's a plot? .__.; Well, I know with the pace of this series, we won't be seeing one for while still... aiya XD; Oh well, enjoy the character development and interaction while it lasts. No use complaining about things like that :) So yes, this episode focuses on Masaru and Agumon's relationship as a small tiff over food develops into them throwing hurtful truths at each other. O_o; Masaru proceeds to beat the crap out of anything that gets in his way... This includes a pack of men who recognize him but end up getting the short end of the stick in the end. Ahaha, kind of hot, but don't follow his example, folks. Male PMS is bad, BAD XD~

As stress relief, Masaru turns to baseball~ Ehh, would Masaru's ponytail be comfortable in that baseball helmet? Probably didn't have it up... oh my...

Back at DATS, Agumon's holed himself up in Masaru's Digivice and refuses to come out. Somehow, this leads to the three main Saver Digimon having a little chat... and sadly, the most we've heard Gaomon talk in an ep so far. XD He catches interest when Raramon says she has issues with Yoshino (like Agumon with Masaru), and asks for details. err, gasp. D: He showed interest in something and expressed it in words. Haha. Gaomon enjoys hot drinks? x3~

And then Yoshino has her way with Raramon before she says too much. Need more evilness, vande_bot? XD

The trouble Digimon this ep, Elecmon, evolves into this dark-color variant of Garurumon after taking in a ton of voltage energy, then pwns the heck out of Gaogamon and SunFlowmon .___. Heh for the Masaru/Agumon plot. Could've been my angsting for it, but the moving animation in this episode was nicer than the previous ones... Even better than the first episode, which tends to get the big animation hype as seen in many other series, unfortunately. I hope we get more episodes like it, or better... there's always room for improvement, YES. D: Yes, it doesn't compare to brilliant money/talent-loaded productions like Fullmetal Alchemist, BLEACH, etc, but those kinds of series don't have enough animal love~ and ridiculously fun BL fodder XD~ So to get some nicer animation with those aspects is always a plus with me. Wai~

Yay pretty colors. Got to see some in this ep... finally. I really miss all of the pretty colors Tamers had (especially the sunset eps and the Digital World! Oh... *q*), and Savers uses a lot of dull or poorly-matching ones. Adventure/02 was mostly light colors, and Frontier's colors are pretty similar to Savers. XD Reproducing effects is fun if they're not too difficult. Except my re-draw is so not worthy of my photoshop fun. D: lol... orz

Aha, Masaru hero-saves a little girl from getting run over by a truck. Good work with the young ones, Big Problem. Seems you won't be the one to have the highlight with them in the next ep, however. Tohma lurking in, wearing a white suit, here to carry away your little sister Chika...
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