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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 5

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)

Tohma and YES, MASTER Gaomon~ No okay, this ep was actually focused on Masaru and Tohma. XD

Much organizing from moving out of the dorms for the summer makes this fangirl fangirl-deprived. ;o;

I felt the Digital World~~ It was so intense that it even disconnected me from the Internet for a couple minutes when the scene came. True story. XD So yes, Tohma Digital Dives at the end of ep 4 and Masaru follows not long after, so we get to see the Digital World in this series for the first time. It has some cute things like plants with digital monitors for flowers and pixelating rivers... ._.; Other than that, even this part was more Pokemon-esque than any of the other seasons. All the Digimon acting as their assumed animal-self and such in their natural environment. The parallels increase. o.o Poor Yoshino gets victimized by both of the boys, though I don't personally mind that kind of role since she really is in just... a different position. Ohh, but what's a woman to do when the boys are too excited to chase after each other... ;D

Gijinka Kudamon? Mm I do want to see him evolve in this series, but I don't know if that'll happen. ^^~

It's not Digimon without a good abundance of BL hints~~~! Unless it's something like Tamers and you get things like Renamon and Beelzebumon instead. XD~ ...Yeah~ This episode had plenty of starting fodder for the shippers. Heck, Masaru and Tohma resolved their gigantic dislike for each other really quickly and got a little touchy feelie while they were at it. .__. I hope that's a good thing and that means that they have a lot more planned for the relationship between these Savers people. D: Ya. onkei_kun reads my mind... let's get them almost dying in each other's arms and confessing sweet things to each other!! 。゚( ;゚Д゚)゚。 Oh, only a wish... XD

Gaomon was cute with his faithful follower paws and fur~ poink poink! :3 I really can't wait for a Tohma/Gaomon-centric ep. Haven't heard enough Nakai Kazuya!! Give it to us soon please~ XD~

Agumon the dead frog dinosaur after falling onto Drimogemon. \o/

Masaru was sure happy that things went his way this ep. In many ways. Yep. *covers mouth* プー
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