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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 4

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)
Ei! *throws*

A short one this time because I have finals this week~~ orz

Waa I was kind of hopeful for Raramon when she made those logic remarks about a patroller chasing after a speeding car, and I was about to lift my suspicions about her Pokemon-ness. And then.. XD; Ehehe. Yeah, she had to start her amazing attack, "SING A SONG!" and put some guys to sleep. Jigglypuff... Jigaliiiiiipufff...

More "Yes, Master"... And this time with Nakai's Gaogamon roughness later in the ep. RUFF.~ |D~ And the Numemon sure had some differences here... instead of poop piles, they made a huge mess of the place like a paintball fight. D: Of course, there's the usual conflict between Masaru and Tohma. Wee people with different family backgrounds clashing! Woo!

I kind of feel the whole Uninhabited Planet SURVIVE (Mujin Wakusei SURVIVE) dealie with "obnoxious characters" at the beginning, but unlike something like Gundam SEED Destiny, they won't end up dying or staying static for all eternity like a big farting tragedy. :D With Digimon's targeted audience and the way these characters are going right now, they're going down BIG and then rebuilding from there. <3 It'll be hawt. In the meanwhile, we have fun things like Big Problem beating the crap out of the technology when it doesn't work for him yeay! Proud day for him and his family.

One of my favorite things about Digimon in general is the detail in certain background scenes from Japan... x3~ Tamers and Frontier had some really nice ones. Gotta love it when they replicate random shots. XD I didn't even try to do the background justice with this mess up here, but I really wanted to mention it just for the sake of doing so. ^^; Anyway, this is from the scene when Tohma gives Masaru a ride home in his limo. And so this returns to...

Ahaha. Limo. Tinted windows. Thoughts. And Tohma goes D: at Masaru's happy family. Ohoho.
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