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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 3

More subs spam from the projects I'm working in. XD
Princess Princess 1 - BT
Meine Liebe wieder 12 - BT
Ah My Goddess Sorezore no Tsubasa 2 - BT

[digimon savers]

\(¯▽¯) 天才参上!(¯▽¯)/

I think I drew a little too much this round... forgive me. orz

Friendly reminder to enjoy the alt-tab/mouseovers too! ;D

In the intro, Agumon pulls out some of the smarts he inherited from becoming Big Problem's underling and tries to shove himself into a bicycle basket so he can go to places like school with Masaru (pretending to be a stuffed animal...). Go, Agumon, go! ♥

Tohma shower scene = scary. D: He looks um... more buff than the Gundam SEED/Destiny boys in their shower scenes...?! Animator's fault no doubt. Fault? Lol. Well, Athrun had... nice abs in his scene. Glah. XD;

Tohma boogeys! Just kidding. I dunno why I did this.

Nakai Kazuya's Gaomon is here! \o/ Love, love~ I'm so used to hearing his exaggerated scruffiness from his work as Zoro, Mugen and lots of hot BL dramas and getting SEME'd by JUNJUN of all people XD~~~ that I was a little surprised to hear him so... tame. Then again, how untame can you get with saying "Yes, Master," most of the time? Bahaha. 8D~

My favorite part about Gaogamon is his TAIL. FUWA FUWA TAMARANAI...

Fine, some Yoshino for the sake of it. It could very well be because my attention was overwhelmed with Tohma, Gaomon and the others, or it could be very well because I'm developing some kind of immunity to the mismatching emotion portrayal, but her voice didn't strike me as particularly off during this ep. I can't possibly ask people like Leanne to start watching Savers with just the first two eps because I'm certain they'll be thrown off by the awkwardness of the acting. Nonetheless, this ep is a good sign for me. I can survive past this unrelenting distraction! Yeay! ( '')b

Speaking of girls, Tohma has fangirls right in DATS headquarters. D: Hehe how old are these girls?

Somehow, seeing the way Masaru sits on the chair in DATS led me to seeing this. And I saw it very clearly again when he goes around coughing behind Tohma. How... How... Someone tell me how this happened. xD Nekokitty wants his attention~ x3

Masaru makes lots of fun expressions in this ep too... as usual. More on the uke side this round, however. Mostly because Tohma beats him up and leaves him looking like he's blushing half the time even though they're red hit marks XD; From the upcoming episode spoilers, looks like their relationship will take the predictable turns at first, though that's still all the reason to see it. Haha.

Masaru and Tohma in Gundam SEED/Destiny's Orb uniforms. Because I can. :x Better than the skin-tightness they have with DATS at least imo *runs* Satsuma's my next victim... what with the Natural Earth alliance's color scheme and somewhat Zaft-like style. ;D

And leaving off with two random-ish service pics. Haha, I wonder if Masaru's family has hair like mine, so thick... Sure seems so. Yes, my thoughts feel so very disorganized right now. Yeah... so these next few eps will have... lots of conflict between our freshly-formed combo of two very different men and their Digimon. Salute! o>
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