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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 2

Leanne (petshopmistress) really really really wants me to pick up a coupling for 30_kisses after the semester is over as another summer project and she got all emo over me when I said I'd be too busy (well she doesn't do even half the fandom stuff I do sorry k-right. D:). She claimed her OTP, Eyeshield 21's Shin x Sena. So if I do, I would've thought Fire Emblem 7 Matthew x Guy would want some love...? XD~ But apparently suteneko__chan has already claimed it? It kind of makes me go :'( but it also makes me go :DDDD because that would mean I'd get to read/see some new Matthew x Guy... <3 wahhh~ assuming that this person keeps up with the claim. >_> I'm also considering one of my two Digimon OTPs since neither of them are taken, but I certainly wouldn't mind if someone else wants to take them instead. :) Or even Onmyou Taisenki... uwaa doushiyo *__*;

[digimon savers]

Despite the Sunflowmon here (BURIBURI), this is the only Yoshino-related love I give for this ep. XD Yoshino always sounds like she's out of breath and she can't act worth beans .__.; I don't even feel a hint of onee-san aura!!! Where is it? Where is it? Haha, but there are better things...~

Ahaha, so this ep starts off with Yoshino dragging Masaru back into DATS headquarters, and then Masaru helps Agumon escape by kicking a teakettle of hot water and escaping in the steam from the spill. Must've been some pretty powerful teakettle water... o.O;

This ep in general just had so many references to other things... XD Here, Masaru decides that he needs to disguise Agumon... because going around with a leash attached to a walking giant box isn't any more suspicious. o.O;;;;; That's the way to be, Big Problem! ( '')b But hey, here's Tamers nostalgia!

It's Masaru's mother and younger sister~ The mother doesn't have a very exciting voice either.. O_o; What the heck is up with the women this season?!

Agumon hangs out in Masaru's room for a while, dodging a few discovery attempts from his family here and there by jumping into the closet or behind the curtains, though they fail in the end anyway XD. Quite cute. And hey... Masaru's boxers? :D *runs*

征服キター harhar. "Masaru" and "school uniform" in the same sentence doesn't seem to be compatible in my mind for some reason, so when I saw him in one I went all D: ... It's a really plain uniform though. Anyway, the scene where Masaru heads off to school in the morning gave me Konjiki no Gash Bell!! nostalgia... ;___; Except Gash's was much cuter somehow... and it also had better animation for that ep. Really now, why bring in one of the yuckier animators right in the 2nd episode? x_X;
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