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[download][talk] Spread the Digimon love~ And other things. x3

♥Digimon RAW episodes - http://community.livejournal.com/digimon_japan/26361.html
♥Digimon music discography - http://www.withthewill.net/showthread.php?tid=1144
♥Digimon sheet music downloads - http://www.withthewill.net/showthread.php?tid=1836

♥♥♥ Please help spam it around~

Art spam (forgot this earlier.. oops ^^):
goggle boys from the anime! Kouichi

Uwaa re-watched tidbits of Gankutsuou from the DVDs, and all of sudden I want to watch it all again... my god, the Franz/Albert... *cries in bittersweet happiness* I'm tempted to try the dub (whoaz the dubbers have an lj community o_o And the moderator seems to be the usual lj gal with interests in yaoi, doujinshi, Japanese, the works... Can I take this as a good sign? )... but then I think about it some more, and then I realize I don't want to hear anyone other than Hirakawa Daisuke and JunJun as Franz/Albert, or my happy BL impression will get all warped. XD A strange kind of closeting...

I can imagine Taichi/Yamato in either original or US dub because I have some hearts for Joshua Seth and Michael Riesz... but that might be my only OTP I can do that for. D: Huh, which version do people imagine their Taichi/Yamato? Lol... amusing thought...

Other spam:
Meine Liebe wieder ep 9 sub
Meine Liebe wieder ep 10 sub

I picked up QCing for aarinfantasy's Gakuen Heaven too. Man I love their team... :)
*edit* Gakuen Heaven ep 1 sub */edit*

My nicer TV rips of the Digimon Savers op/ed/evo ( ;D ) :
Gou'ing! Going! My Soul!! (Opening)
One Star (Ending)
Believer (Insert Song)

I still don't really get how it's measured after reading the explanation, but okay D:

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