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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 1

Yosh, now it really begins. I'm going to see if I can do this whole series in pen. Yes? >D 始めましょう...
Don't forget picture mouse-overs/alt text ;)

The opening... I didn't expect the opening/endings to be so short since the other seasons had the usual 1 minute 30 seconds length, but these have been cut down to 1-minute. I wonder if we'll even get more opening songs... because while it's a neat opening, it lacks err... the presence of... a big bad guy? D: z0mg where is it. where is it.
So really, Masaru looks so giddy in the whole opening that it's kind of scary. XD The other two mains have personalities much on the opposite side of the spectrum...

Mmm, Garurumon nostalgia... Romping around on the fields is nice indeed. :3 I heart Gaogamon's tail! XD
And the Savers' DATS outfits... HELP. Well, I can deal with the top halves somewhat, though I wish it would've been something more original-looking, but the boots... x_X And some of the skin-tightness makes me want to cry "WRY~~~" but the boots are definitely the bigger factor. I will avoid those as much as possible kthxbai. ~('.'~)

Mm, Masaru vs. Agumon was nice in a cute, Digimon-rific way... |3~ As expected of the first fight scene in the series of course, gaha. XD Agumon kicked him in the balls. Grand. Also gotta love how everyone else was so shocked to see a human fighting Digimon as if the thought of doing so had never come across their mind or something. ._o;

Okay, no he isn't that uke, but it's fun imagining him as such. I wouldn't have been surprised if he had started rolling on the ground writhing in pain from this hit, but he took it pretty well... just enough to get ticked off more and retaliate. XD As expected of Japan's #1! Gwahaha.

Eheheh... even though I said that, he pulls some incredibly ukerific faces anyway. D: woo.~

I ♥ Masaru's humorous expressions. After Agumon becomes Masaru's follower, Yoshino stalks meets up with Masaru while he's out getting food for Agumon, and she explains some stuff about Digimon and DATS. She tells him that Agumon's a Digimon, etc, etc... and here we catch some of Big Problem's intelligence.

"So he wasn't a frog?"

So, this Kudamon hadn't been anticipated in any of the preview material... but I LIKE him. *___* His personality reminds me of Shana or Wilhemia's Guze no Tomogara from Shakugan no Shana, and the fact that he just hangs around Satsuma's neck like that... *gigglepiles* I hope he gets some good times in future eps. ;D

From the ending song... I can really see the shounen in him here... :)
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