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[talk] Digimon Savers... again :D

Only a couple more days until it begins...!
A 1-and-a-half minute preview from the Bandai TV site has arrived~ wmv format. Shows more Tohma and Yoshino, but other than that, nothing new. Ahhh the tease... ^^; WMV version download here | XviD version

Finger snapping... D: Tohma does strange things with his hands. Wonder what's going on in that tensai mind when he's doing that. Yoshino looks like she would make a darn awesome vampire. XD YEAY. With her DigiSoul shiny pink light pillars of doom. And I'm still going ._o; to the black background XD.

Uwa, what's this new Current Location thing... O.o;

*edit* Colored designs including 3 DAT members - ...wtf? I'm with Suzie here. D:
< Suzie-chan> I was expecting more business suits / Hypnos style.
< Suzie-chan> Secret Government Organization, not Futuristic Space Police
Ack, ack! This stuff really gives me the aura of the part of Toei that really makes me cringe. x_X;;;!!! For goodness sake, I hope I'm just imagining the aura...
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