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[talk][download] an Anime splurge

Ahaha, do I really talk about Digimon Savers too much lately? I still don't understand why these monster shows make me get so carried away sometimes. ♥ Maybe I should cover other shows too a little, ne? XD Okay then...

Golden pair~ Prince of Tennis Zenkoku Taikai Hen - Vol.1 raw: http://www.sendspace.com/file/0zykna
Hey Becky, golden pair~~ ♥ なんじゃらほいほい! And Leanne's happy for this OVA coming out. She loves her sports series... :) Mrph, I'm having trouble getting the winter Hyouteimyu though. Bittorrent is very poor here. D:

Anon. Bow before his prowess... The Law of Ueki ep 51 raw: http://www.sendspace.com/file/xqvc4i
A few other random screencaps here.
*edit*Shinsen-subs has subbed the entire series - BT link. I'd be very interested in a full series boxset and hopes Geneon releases one :)*/edit*

So the series ends at this ep 51... but first...~

<- Anon's a completely typical villain, yes I know... but I'm entranced nonetheless. Maybe it's the JunJun love--he's such an entertaining seiyuu.~ But I love Anon's character design too. Everything about it is just... very striking to me, despite how simple it might be. Except his pointy shoes, haha. But I've never been much for feet anyway. XD

Anyway, about the ending... I like it much more than Fullmetal Alchemist's, as minunxplusleotp likes to compare it to because of Paku Romi playing the lead. Well, FMA in general just declined around the middle and never came back up, while Ueki just kept stacking and stacking love (aha, I do admit the seiyuu piles were also a big part of it). Unu. Ueki is definitely one of the most solidly done shounen series ever. ;D~

More Honey & Clover (ハチミツトクローバー) is coming out this summer. ♥♥♥
Shakugan no Shana movie in production ♥♥♥

And about stuff coming up this spring that I placed on my future watch list:
Digimon Savers - I don't think I need to say anything more about this at the moment.~
.hack//Roots - Because people like the hype all around .hack. I hope it's an exciting series though since the others... haven't been.
Ah My Goddess - Will be working on it with AnimeYuki. The encoder for this project is also a umich student. Very cool.~ Do leave a note in the forums that you want us to sub the widescreen version. It'll be worth the extra wait, plus it'll make the whole subbing process easier on us anyway, haha. ;)
Air Gear - Err, I had shuffled in my seat slightly when I saw Toei was going to be animating this, and so far they haven't impressed me with cast choices and the trailer material. But still open for chances~
Bakegyamon - Ahaha Azuma Kazuma's Kobayashi Yumiko doing the lead interests me along with the usual shounen boiness. XD
Disgaea - Random sampling. The games are popular, the designs are cute and the animation looks slick... but I doubt the usefulness of this series. D: The trailer felt about as significant as... Ape Escape TV.
Gakuen Heaven - I covered this already before too. XD
Gintama - Shounen Jump, yep yep. Some guy on IRC was talking about how people once people start getting sick of Naruto, they'll move on to Bleach, and now they'll move onto Gintama or something weird like that. But it's not that kind of a series. >:D
Good Witch of the West - Astrea Testament - Random sampling
Jyu Oh Sei - Random sampling
KI-BA - Random sampling
NANA - For the seiyuu if I can take the story...
Ouran Koukou Host Club - Wondering what BONES will do for this series. D: And wondering how masculine Maaya will sound. XD
Princess Princess - I'll bundle this up with Gakuen Heaven for reasons I'm interested in this. Hehe >D
Saiunkoku Monogatari - Good story? Yeayness.
Soul Link - Random sampling
Strawberry Panic - Random sampling. Yay wholesome yuri. If it keeps my interest, I'll keep it.~
The Third ~Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo~ - Random sampling
Utawarerumono - Random sampling
xxxHOLiC - For JunJun and Nakai Kazuya and Leanne's obsession with this series.
Zegapain - Random sampling... although the mechaness is a big turnoff. D:

Random sampling stuff is what I expect to drop first down the line... but we'll see. ^^;

Oh, I remember last Saturday night... I went to Sadako with Leanne for Sakedon binging (cheaper than Mongolian bbq plus servings big enough to take home for an extra snack, take THAT. And the nutrients... ♥), and as usual, we fangirled. Yes, that beautiful noun-turned verb. (¯▽¯)ノ Leanne told me about how she found out she hadn't seen the Hikaru no Go Hokuto Cup special, so I told her that I had... Well, of course since I translated it for YoumaOtakus back when it aired in 2004 :X (with the help of hanjie's Japanese friend ;3 ).. so I need to remember to get the CD with it for her the next time I visit home.

I'm proud to say I've made men cry from having them watch One Piece. In a good way. XD
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