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[talk] Digimon Savers 1-min + 30sec preview thought

Just a little this round.~ Preview are posted in this entry.

This one's for renamon_slave because we both like our bish in black sweaters. x3 本当に大問題です!! (¯∀¯)

Well, that hardly has anything to do with the preview, but oh well. XD
Haha, snarky!Hoshi is a little scary sometimes. All the rawwww goodness in the preview. 8D If all of the evolutions are like the ones in the preview, I won't mind not getting the traditional evo animation so much. Cel-shaded 3-d animation these days looks better than it did just a few years ago. ~('.'~) BURIBURI

An older pic I forgot to post... because he's lots of fun to draw:

Hahaha I finally changed the amount of recent entry showings to just 5... reduce loading times, scrolling, whatnot. Well, not like many people read my lj itself instead of through their friends page ._.~
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