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[talk] Digimon Savers 1-min + 30 sec preview

My journal's been referring to subtitle-less stuff more and more often. Yeah, it's happening. I'm burning raws of shows more often too... uh oh? D:

Digimon Savers 1-min preview
Digimon Savers 30-sec preview

Masaru Yoshino (left) & Tohma (right)
I think Yoshino looks more masculine than Masaru at times because of their hairstyles. Bad me bad me XD;

But oh god. I can go with this animation. Oh yes....

Might re-do some screens when I get something better than 320x240 x_x;
*edit*Replaced some of the screens with screens from the 30-sec preview~ */edit*
*running into your arms geppu* This is me being a weirdo addict to in-between animation. xD
dog tag~ Backside for reference...
*p* Gaze into your sight
Not sure about a blankly black background, though it does make him seem more striking... wee
Nakai Kazuya doggybear keee x3 Another angle of Yoshino and Tohma

Eh, mostly Masaru... XD Doubt we'll get much eye-candy from the other characters in this upcoming first episode. But it's a first episode... All the fire-ness brings me much nostalgia of Frontier's first ep and Tamer's sunsettings... ah can't wait. *_* *super happiness*
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