Splash (splash) wrote,

[talk] The Law of Ueki 50

Ubu... JunJun's evil voice pwns me again.~ I do ♥ your Anon.

Someone on devart said they liked the look of the draw-quickly-or-it'll-blot pen, so I tried another one, this time with The Law of Ueki's Anon.. in one of his fit-to-be uke lesser evil moments. xD

Uwaa, I do think Anon looks so much better without that plate thing blocking his front... and that torn-off bit... yes. *blinks too many times* XD

Haha, I wrote a couple times up there in the top-right corner... :x they indicate spots in the episode itself. The drawing itself probably took 10/15 min since it's the draw-quickly-or-it'll-blot pen.


Maybe some screens for ep 50 later here once I get a better raw. XD *edit* Err, actually I'll be backing off on the screens unless someone wants them. Otherwise, I'll just work on other stuff XD */edit*
Tags: series - ueki
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