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[talk] Shakugan no Shana, 日本の祭り 2006

[shakugan no shana]
Bum (yeah, we call her that) and I just marathoned Shakugan no Shana 6-21. *___*; We did 1-5 a couple weeks before, but when we started it on this round, we just couldn't stop until we exhausted ourselves completely. We've had a pretty long day XD Ahh so sleepy, but it feels so good and worth it. I caught so many more details I hadn't caught the first time watching them, some parts thanks to bum haha. It really is a beautifully animated series with essentially no let-downs. Sooo smooth. <3 A series like that is really nice to share with Bum. Very smooth sailing, and it left me feeling very satisfied. Need to watch 23 asap. I'll be wallowing in the beauty of this story on my own for a while...

So.. went to the Japanese festival at umich with Bum, Leanne and Jackie.~ The crowd looked almost twice as large as the festival last year, so it's good they served the food in a different room... @.@; I ate three servings of yakisoba and carried home three servings of yakisoba... basically, a huge dinner for $1.50 +6 pieces of vegetable sushi for an additional 25 cents. Ah, cheap yet yummy beauty. <3
Music notes:
-Ahh, they separated the food into a different room where they weren't playing music, so I didn't get to hear most of the music they were playing unfortunately. But they did play Orange Range's Hana. Last year they played a couple Orange Range songs too, so that didn't surprise me too much. But it was nice to hear. <3
-The JSA band sang Suga Shikao's Yozora no Mukou, but at that time I couldn't remember what it was... because I run his songs on winamp all the time without paying attention to the titles. And I added those songs the same time I added the Spitz songs, so I couldn't remember which of the two artists it was. ^^; Haha, I was singing it along with them without knowing... But now I know :D

Watching Emori-sensei randomly doing the bon odori with the other raffle-ticket winners was fun. She is our winner~~~
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