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[talk] 2006 March Animedia/Animage scans, some art

w00, more userpics for having a paid account for a certain amount of time.. XD~ yay, now I can use 114... *swt* The LJ pride rises.

Uwa... the Yakitate!! Japan anime ended its crack legacy at ep 69. Missing you already...! ToT

One art spam + 2 weird things... wtf @.@

Just a few select scans~
Animage March 2006:
Black Cat
Rozen Maiden traumend

Animedia March 2006:
Air Gear
Black Cat
One Piece movie 7
Princess Princess (scary, SCARY XD)

Were a couple Host Club and a couple other nice pics, but nothing else I wanted to scan particularly. ^^; Now to complete Japanese 作文.
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