Splash (splash) wrote,

[random] Blahh~

Just a little separating. :X Such a weird habit I have of smashing everything together. I need to organize. ^^;

New default icon for the bliss of Savers, even though it hasn't even started airing yet. On a roll, roll. Hoshi ga hoshii...?!??! I thought about that after making the icon and died.

Uwaa, Shimokawa Mikuni's Remember ~Seishun Anime Song House Album~ is fun stuff, especially with good old stuff like Yakusoku wa Iranai and Yuzurenai Negai. And a very unexpected render of Younha's Touch <3 wai.

Note to self: Lots of playful meditation with cats during the summer. Must not get Alzheimer's when I get old. D: Must ... stupify... self... slightly...! In a balanced way. Anyway, I decided to name the doujinshi dump splash_otp. Right now, it doesn't have anything except the info page which I might modify a little on the way. Apply to join early if you want xD

Lol, NEWS was in the little Japanese newspaper I got a couple weeks ago at a Chinese restaurant. I hadn't actually noticed the pic until I was ripping it apart as practice paper for calligraphy today. Didn't mark on that page though. It was pretty hot even though it was only one of its members. It was probably about the alcohol though. よくない、よくない! >_>
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