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[talk] Art spams + Digimon Savers - Tohma...! Maybe x_x

Happy pi day Einstein's birthday White Day. Weehee. x3 マサルからプレセントをあげましょう...

So yeah. First "success" on Tohma... after 5 other sad attempts. and only managed a side profile and some other weird thing anyway. Glahhhh~~ Gaomon didn't go so well either. Is this a curse...?! I surely hope not, because I have a feeling I'll really like them... come on, Noji and Nakai... :O~ Nakai Kazuya in Digimon, wai wai~ Must practice more!

An extra something I did with the fast ink pen. Random thought... Masaru's hair design reminds me of Azuma Kazuma as an uke, Athrun as a seme......

This is how much I utterly fail Tohma right now~ orz . His success ratio is like my Japanese calligraphy... I just can't take things like this slowly no matter how much I try, but then it makes everything trial and error-like. @.@; And Masaru sitting on something. I haven't had this much fun with someone's hair since Kouji... It's really hard to describe the feeling I get when I draw these types of hair.. XD; But it'll likely be a couple more weeks before we get any more previews, if any at all. Ahh, the wait kills...!

dragon Kouji Taichi and Yamato animals continued...
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