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[talk] The seiyuugasm/animationgasm that is Ueki no Housoku

*edit* Added raw/sub notes to the currently airing list on the profile. */edit*

As this animation is coming to a close in Japan soon, this is a little long-put-off fangirling. *edit* Finished tagging ueki... waa sad that those thoughts of Hoshi Souichirou's Sano gets me excited about Savers now... XD */edit* *super fangirly mode* I may be incoherent at times here... I do blame you ep 48!

Ueki no Housoku (The Law of Ueki) - BT for subs

Evil Fukuyama Jun says HOI

Oh, I do enjoy evil JunJun. Verrrrrrrry much. :O~

wehehe, as nanya_hime notes, uke armies have invaded! And here it's EVIL UKE EVIL UKE XD~~~~ UKE EVIL UKE EVIL XD~~~~

I do also thoroughly enjoy the fun irony that is....
"Gankutsuou? Omoshiroi..."

Is that sad or what~

And just a couple random shots to make a little memoir of the fun visuals for this ep... Again, I say eat your heart out, Black Cat. D: At least the moving animation brings the eyegasmic visuals justice here cough cough. XD~ more seiyuu references under the first pic's alt text:

OMGILLY evil returns!woosha angry short boi

Really, if Ueki was as BL fodderful as Onmyou Taisenki or Digimon, it would be placed on such a high plane in my eyes and I would fangirl it way so much that I wouldn't know what to do with myself. XD;; But it's beautiful for being what it is-- shounen love. Its seiyuu goodness and animation (and as done slightly in a previous post, the music as well) are just t3h yum.~
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