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[talk] Savers Seiyuu! + Name ideas-- help~ D:

Oh, happy. Happy. ^^~ I really can't wait to see these guys in action.

Digimon Savers cast list so far:
Daimon Masaru: Hoshi Souichiro
Agumon: Matsuno Taiki
Tohma H. Norstein: Nojima Hirofumi
Gaomon: Nakai Kazuya
Fujieda Yoshino: Aragaki Yui
Lalamon: Yukana

[name suggestions plz]
I need some name ideas for the private doujinshi sharing lj community... absurd/ridiculous ones preferred (avoid profanity though). XD; I'm at a complete loss for names right now, but maybe some suggestions will spark something... :o
Tags: seiyuu, series - digimon savers
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