Splash (splash) wrote,

[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 1 preview

Um... oversubbing usually makes me shake my head, but I really dunno what to make of the rush for subbing Savers at this point of time. XD Just praying for one of the l33t to show up.~

The preview. Just one here... I'm sorry if this mentally scars anybody. It just screamed for me to draw it... xD;


I did not exaggerate those black things in proportion to his face any more than the animation does...

I can't stop going "buriburi" whenever I get the urge to use the ~('.'~)... what's going on?! Why is this randomness and lack of transition making me laugh this much? BURIBURI.

I've been on a strange sleeping schedule that involves sleeping before midnight this past week. It's quite amazing. I wouldn't mind keeping it up because it's more consistent than what I've been doing, but I'm 100% sure that people around me in the dorm won't give me that liberty. -.-;....
Tags: series - digimon savers
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