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[talk] Gakuen Heaven and other stuff~

*icon point* Waa one of the tutorials on this page seems to work extremely well for this Shakugan no Shana icon I made as a result. :) So pretty~ Can't really see her nose and mouth tho XD

So much to try out this spring. <3 All the love! Aside from Digimon Savers, Gakuen Heaven is another one I'm hugely looking forward to:

Gakuen Heaven, coming spring 2006~

Shamelessly swiped from blheaven who yoinked it from the official site. XD

nanya_hime has created a Gakuen Heaven LJ community at blheaven, so do enjoy :D All of the usual seiyuu casted and character designs by the person who did LOVELESS!~ The animation will certainly be better than Sukisyo's... No offense, Sukisyo fans. *swt* XD

The other night, Lina spent a lot of time on my lap upside down and cleaning her tail between her legs while I watching Twelve Kingdoms. It was quite a sight.

Lina's improved! She only took 4 times to eat a kitty treat this morning instead of 7 or 8! XD It's still cutely pathetic watching her trying to eat it rather desperately compared to Lucy who just waffs it up in a second. Well, at least Lina likes to play with the sink water and somehow it makes me feel a little more secure about how clean she is even though she hasn't taken a full water bath in years.

It's really hard to get motivation to draw in this house when I'm still freezing as I wear two pairs of pants, extra-thick socks, a long-sleeve top, a jacket and a blanket throw. Last night, I took a 10-minute shower almost as hot as available with the doors closed as usual... and the mirrors didn't even fog up the slightest. It's a big wow. ._.; But it's only until the end of the week, and Lina's still happily cuddling with me, so that more than makes up for it... ^^;

And then this happened sometime last week... Oh no, I've gotten into NEWS music?!?! Is sad I didn't hear about them until jippy on IRC sent me the radio rip of sayaendou, which is going to be the theme for One Piece movie 7 (the song itself is produced by the same folks who did Seishun Amigo~). While I was watching Nobuta. wo Produce, I was aware that yamapi was part of NEWS, but I thought that was a rather interesting coincidence. And then it EVENTUALLY clicked in my head that jippy owned regretless.org (the digimon fanlisting is hosted on it), and she made http://je.regret-less.org/ which I had been massively leeching from. She just happened to be there when I registered for the forum and gave me access to the multimedia forums. Too bad she utterly dislikes yamapi. *shrugs* I honestly have a thing for those "rude" or "tactless" guys, especially since I wouldn't have much interest in them otherwise. Like Kamiyan... After all, not like I'll ever have to deal with them in real life unless I became their manager or something. Chances of that? XD; Ahahahaaaaa. So being able to observe their antics on the sidelines safely is quite a nice guilty pleasure indeed.

*edit* Sayaendou replaced with a full single version~ */edit*
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