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Digimon Savers Thought スタート!

First, a short explanation:
Thought is a place where splash rants/fangirls and displays examples (by doodle pics or other art things) of her rampant imagination as she witnesses Digimon episodes. Put your cursor over the pics for more of the spaztic type of comments.
Warning: There may be yaoi/shounen-ai/BL undertones within pictures and text. If two boys having fun with each other makes you boil in disgust, venture away. I will not tolerate homophobia in my premises.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Digimon franchise. But I'd sure love to. D:

I got this idea originally from Japanese fanartists who did these kinds of pages with Digimon Frontier back when it was airing in Japan. I've done some Frontier thought pages, but I hope to do every episode with Savers as it airs in Japan. And entirely in pen. That means no pencil~ I'll also throw in a few things in Japanese here and there, but that's basically just some extraneous fangirling you can ignore if you don't understand ^^; 日本語もいらっしゃいませ.できる限り話し合いましょう!

Digimon Savers Thought is Link Free (feel free to link). To link to Digimon Savers Thought pages, use http://splash.livejournal.com/tag/digimon%20savers%20thought or http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?keyword=Digimon+Savers+Thought&sortby=des . Both lead to the same material, but either one is formatted differently. You can also use the following banners/buttons:

Short, sparse ones for now since the series hasn't even started airing yet.

Following the news on this forum thread (thread has been deleted)...~

So here we have the new lead brunet, Masaru. Ahaa... sorry for the lack of color for now.
Daimon Masaru. Good with his fists... indeed. *konkon*

Yoshino and Masaru~ So yeah.. there's been a lot of talk about Masaru looking like a girl. I won't go into this for now since I might tick off some. :D まだまだ甘い。。。

The female, Yoshino, seems okay for now. I'm really critical of females in general (maybe an indirect inferiority complex?), so I'm hoping she won't disappoint. Just holding out for now.~

I tried doing Tohma, but my hand wasn't comfortable doing any form of representation of the genius and I foiled it... so not quite yet. Will try again later. XD

I'll normally be doing lj-cuts and then spamming full sizes instead of thumbs for longer thought entries~

A couple random things on the side--

My Sono Mukou-no Mukougawa manga came in, and it's really pretty... I think I can throw it into the PMS scanlation projects since Leanne isn't much for the monster genre and I won't be able to keep her attention on Onmyou all the time.. with this, I can throw some magical shotaboys at her too. Harhar. :X Unless someone knows if someone is working on this already. I know Evalpowar released the animation teaser for it, but dunno if they're planning to scanlate.

*edit* Haha thanks for the notice, onkei_kun. Tokyopop has it licensed, so scratch the scanlating bit. XD */edit*

Random art again. Shana from Shakugan no Shana, Tio from Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Tio's anger...

I was just thinking about how Shana reminds me of Tio because of their hair color/style kind of.... and then I realized that Kugimiya Rie voiced both of them. I lollerskated.~
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