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[talk] Valentine's Day, Meine Liebe wieder

Happy Valentine's day, everyone. Beat depression, ahahaha!! And thus.. Usopp shall be the mascot of this post. XD

[meine liebe]
Anyway, picked up a new joint with aarinfantasy, the 2nd Meine Liebe season, Meine Liebe wieder. Episode 1 torrent! Thank you henna for your awesome translating... :O~~ Makes my job much less stressful. ^^

Meine Liebe Wieder

With AMG season 2 coming back in April and Digimon Savers, more of the older stuff seems good these days. XD~ There's so much I'm looking forward to in April this year it's sad. Now I feel bad for dissing the sucky Winter season because this is definitely more than enough to make up for it. Maybe I'll rant more anime-ness if I get more time. But I'm still busy with applications etc. Eep!

I'm a little irritated with how stingy some people are about reporting scans on minitokyo. Just because I don't repeat that the scans are mine in every submission. Apprently the moderators can't tell that the watermark coordinates with my profile? wtf? ._.; Oh well, it's only their loss. Guess some people will never get to see the pretty Eve and Cluster Edge pics because... who really pays attention to watermarks anyway. Except for cool people. ;D Strange trolls these days.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes there's a lot to look forward to. Not going to let the little things stomp all over them. Little, pathetic things.... lots of little, pathetic things. Rawr!!! We're too good for that ne >:O Can't wait...! After some stress is over, I'll need a seriousssssss dose of BL goodness to sweep it all off. So I'm stocking up on dramas, doujinshi, the works.. @_@;

Kamiya Hiroshi please. Super, super, super, super please. :D It is extremely strange how happy it makes me hear that voice sometimes.

On that note, happy birthday, Gakuen Heaven's Queen Saiyonji Kaoru!
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