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Digimon 5th season pictures :O~ WAKU WAKU SHITEIMASU~

Today is Leanne's birthday. Cheers to my personably closest long-time friend. ^^ We're eating at the Japanese restaurant Totoro, watching a muslim movie comedy, and then the usual fangirling goodness until we all happily exhaust ourselves. I've never felt as comfortable with another group of people irl before, and I'm really grateful to have met them. Just four yaoi fangirls, but so much more... ^^~

Good Friday. Long-awaited Friday. Good Friday in a long time. :)

Digimon season 5 preview art!!

Info cross-spammed to digimon and digimon_japan.

Holy shit, holy shit!!!! I had said that I wanted to see a change in the art style in the new season, and if things are like this, then that desire is definitely going to be fulfilled!!! It EXCITES ME WITH RAW FEELINGS LIKE MADDdd. Yes. @_@

And yay, got my recommendation letters for study abroad in Japan. :D Now must finish the form.... ack questionnaires. And homework!! Eep, must not.. procrastinate...

Hmm, lj scrapbook feature doing weird things? I can't log in to it.. Waa, wanted to spam a thumb of the Taito pen thing I did in lecture.. XD; Oh well, it's not really complete yet anyway. So a link will do. ~('.'~)

Mm healthy sushi~
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