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[talk] More time = More art :O

Sidenote: Digimon Adventure 02 raws 21-30 are up :3

3-day weekends are precious... 4-day weekends are even more precious... and so on.

Waoooo Fire Emblem 7 Matthew <3 Come to Guy~ *runs*

Matthew: Greetings.

Chucked some other random stuff on the deviantart scraps. As well as...

Some more pages up on the Digimon Frontier doujinshi Attitude sequel to bring the total to 18 pages so far. Blarg need fangirling feedback kthx. D: Motivation bottom-pitting = cutting length shorter = crappier doujin. :) *swt* http://www.deviantart.com/view/18746668/

Although stuff always looks sexier in my mind than on paper. ... no surprise there huh D:

The Digimon Frontier fandom is deader than Fire Emblem 7's, which I find a little strange. Well, from what I'm getting feedback-wise here. Lol. D: Anyway, my next doujin will be Fire Emblem 7... kyaa I anticipate drawing all those sexy characters. And with plenty of Matthew/Guy........... ah..... *drowns*

*overdramatically angsts for more information on 5th Digimon season* Well, it's still January, and they tend to cram the information within these few months before April when the spring anime season starts. That is... if they're following the same trend... after a break like this, I'm not very confident about how much will be the same. If we're fortunate, any changes from this point will be GOOD changes...? :D
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