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[talk] More trends. The Law of Ueki. Going to bed at 6 am! Go weekends.

*edit* Hmm, late in realizing I should spam this, but Aaru started releasing DVD rips of Digimon Adventure 02. 1-10 (missing ep 4) | 11-20

Thank you onkei_kun for the BLEACH musical... x3 It was pure fandom beauty. <3 ~ Even if the absence of certain characters really stood out.. XD; Well, Hitsugaya more than makes up for that. hahaa.. You must be getting tired of me mentioning you in these entries.

Waa... just realized that the anime I watch subbed (as in I wait for the subbed eps before I watch) these days are BLEACH, Shakugan no Shana, Eyeshield 21, Mushishi, Cluster Edge and Kyou Kara Maou. Black Cat, Gash Bell, MAR, One Piece, Ueki, Yakitate!! Japan and now Pokemon AG (*dances*) are series I've been consistently watching raws of and usually not bothering to see the subs afterwards. The main reason I wait for subs for most series in the first place is that bots on IRC carry them asap, and they're 100x easier (literally) for me to get than the raws. Yeah, I know raws are spammed on KKM lj communities all over the place, but I'm so behind... XD; Everything else on my "list" (ex: Blood+, Eureka seveN, Noein, Gun x Sword) I'm hording to possibly marathon in the future, but the prospects are not looking good.

Will be adding MAJOR and Fate Stay Night to the sub-wait list. The possibilities of me watching the Naruto filler arcs are decreasing by day, especially from reading discussions such as these. And maybe it's just a little personal rebellion against the people I know who watch/worship Naruto like the bible and have seen almost no other anime or have stopped seeing new anime because of it. *shrug* It's really hard to enjoy a series when so many self-closeting people surround it. It's hard to enjoy ANYTHING with those kind of people surrounding it... not just anime. Of course. Really broad, but ... it is as it is in real-time. D:

Anyway, on a happier note.. D: I'm hearing this series will be 52 eps ish when complete, which would mean it will end in April. Waa, and I made a Sano icon.. *pointsu* happy happy x3~~~~

I wish I had pimped the 2nd Ueki opening with screencap spam when it was fresh in Japan, but I was late in getting raws, so I skipped out on doing so. XD But its goodness is plaguing my mind tonight for some reason~ Maybe from getting the full version of the song. And the plethora seiyuu this show keeps pulling out one-by-one never ceases~ Paku Romi, Hoshi Souichirou (with fun kansai-ben! D: I think this is my favorite role of his), Kawakami Tomoko, Mamiko Noto, Yamaguchi Kappei... And lots more in the "bad guys" Saiga Mitsuki, Koyasu Takehito (...of course lol), and too many others I can't think of atm ... JunJun, Kamiyan~? of course. x3 Like Gash Bell and Pokemon goodness, except the animation is lovely as well. The visuals... *____*; I have to admit that they put GONZO's Black Cat to shame, as impressive as Black Cat is at some points. xD; *patpats it* It's fine for openings and eyecatches and whatnot, but overdoing the random contrasting colorizations throughout episodes isn't very prudent, GONZO~ At least it's still tolerable here... Erk, getting off-topic.

Cry your heart out, fangirls. So goes the motto or something. Mori. <3 From The Law of Ueki op 2

I'm not fond of most of Koda Kumi's "regular" music (don't mean to invoke any flames, but bland titles like "Lies" and "Shake it up" really aren't more beyond the book cover), but I can't stop replaying this opening and song... x3~
The Law of Ueki Opening 2 (avi) 23.5mb - http://www-personal.umich.edu/~ihorng/Fun/The_Law_of_Ueki_Op2_No_Regret.avi
The Law of Ueki Op 2 full mp3 (192kbs, not the single version, but I like it) 6.3mb - http://www-personal.umich.edu/~ihorng/Fun/Koda_Kumi_-_No_Regret_[The_Law_of_Ueki_Opening_2]_[full].mp3
The Law of Ueki Op 2 (single version 224kbps) 7.5mb - http://www-personal.umich.edu/~ihorng/Fun/01_-_No_Regret.mp3
Not much of a pimp, since Shinsen's the only group subbing it still (and they're 9 eps behind as of now), fandom for it is extremely small, and Geneon has it licensed anyway. As much as I'm afraid to admit it, Shinsen's not bad after... 15 or somewhere up there. Ueki deserves good staff and it looks like shinsen gave it some at that point. xD Hmm.... Ack. Want to do more, but need to sleep on it now. Eyes dying of too many joygasms! D8
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