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[talk] Recent trends on this side of the grass field

*edit2* Durr, I've had this dumb diffusion setting on my adobe imageready optimizer... no wonder why my animated gifs were coming out all crappy. */edit2*

Ep 25 out. :) 26 soon hopefully. And now spoiling my favorite shot in the ep. XD;

Hottest scene in 25. XD; Urd~ Ahahaha pedopedopedo *runs*

DL: http://www.point-blank.cc:16384/allowed/torrent.php/[AonE-AnY]_Ah_My_Goddess_-_25_[DVD]_[DE2921C7].avi.torrent


Do I really deserve such eye-popping expressions when I say I get desires to eat baby spinach like potato chips (as in straight out of the bag) while I'm watching anime or something? D:

It's definitely one of those days when it feels like all of your acquaintances in real life either think you're incompetent or that you're not worth their thoughts at all. And I don't know why it should bother me in the first place... maybe it's my PMS. :X *hugs the internet* x_x...

I notice that the tables next to the salad bar on the east side of South Quad are big targets for people to run their hand over the top when they pass by them. I had to sit at one of the tables for dinner tonight, and I noticed that about 24/30 people who didn't have their hands full would either intentionally bump into the table to cut corners or just obnoxiously run their hand across the table. And I also noticed that the 6 who didn't do either were mostly women. Ahh, humans.

Gwaa, sent out both of my professor recommendations. Kinchou, kinchousuru!!!

I switched out of Great Books of China for The Arts and Letters of China because I know more people in the latter class and I think they would motivate me to do learn more in the class. ^^; They both cover very many of the same themes.

I'm only on 13 credits this semester. I seriously am not physically fit to take on more than 16 credits per semester, and all of the other 3 credit classes (all... 1 of them. Yay for winter selection!! ._.) I wanted to take were long full before I could register.

Asian Studies 265 / Hist Art 265 / Philosophy 265 / RC Hums 265

Conrad Schirokauer and Miranda Brown, A Brief History of Chinese Civilization (Second Edition)
Philip J. Ivanhoe & Bryan W. Van Norden, eds., Readings in Classical Chinese Philosophy
Lu Hsun, Selected Stories of Lu Hsun

Asian Studies 302
Rewriting Identities in Modern Japan

Paul Varley, Japanese Culture: A Short History
Shimazaki Touson, Broken Commandment
Mori Oogai, Vita Sexualis
Natsume Souseki, Kokoro
Tanizaki Jun'ichirou, Some Prefer Nettles
Kawabata Yasunari, Snow Country
Uno Chiyo, Confessions of Love
Dazai Osamu, The Setting Sun
Mishima Yukio, Confessions of a Mask
Enchi Fumiko, Masks

Of course, each class has as several hundred pages of readings that are online or on the coursepack as well. My 400 printer pages limit per semester isn't getting a break this time either (they charge 6 cents each page after the limit. I went 60 or so pages above last semester I think... didn't print out anything personal except for the sign "SHOES OFF AT THE DOOR" for our dorm room. Which is often disregarded anyway. -.-;). Some schools like tchao's get 800 pages per semester........

Now how many readings will I actually understand? :| Hmm, hehe......... We'll see!

Hmm... since I lost my list of anime I had seen after the external crash, I think I'll keep the information online now... working on the list at minitokyo. I'd have some of the list completely on anidb.net, but clicking the file for EVERY SINGLE EPISODE I've seen/have is really tedious... -.-; And I like being able to make a rating/short comment about each series. Overall, the listing style on minitokyo is more interesting. Slowly working on it. Maybe animenfo would be better. Too bad minitokyo's list is not as comprehensive as other lists. It really sucks that they don't have Damekko, Onmyou or Patalliro on it. Or even Cluster Edge, which surprises me. But at the moment, I'm too lazy to post in their service thread because I'd have to provide links to all of the images posted from those series. Mendoukusai... And they kind of disregard the distinctions between manga-only and manga-then-animated and game-then-animated altogether, which rather irks me since it messes with the organization of the list. And they don't separate sequels, spin-offs, movies, OVAs, etc in individual series. Their site is full of misspellings and improper grammar anyway. ._.; Only good for the scans imo.

[anime... transitioning to something else]
Meh... The mediocre anime scheme is really losing my interest. Through filling out the list, I come across a lot of series I plan to watch/finish but probably never will. Examples being Gun x Sword, Eureka seveN and then S-Cry-ed, Stellvia for older ones. It might have something to do with my semi-retiring from the fansub scheme. It might have something to do with me just getting damn tired of seeing certain types of shows in these upcoming seasons because I associate the people who like those shows with people who are really sexist against me... and it's happened pretty often. I'd rather not remember/describe specific incidents. I really have it a lot better with yaoi fangirls than the moe fanbois, but that's just in the broad scope. It also might have to do with...

My gaming and monster blood has been boiling these days. But even then, the crowds are still slim... I find it very sad that EVERYONE I've been talking to at umich has never even heard of Nintendo DS until I told them. But games are usually what connects me to males for some reason. Most of my other interests connect me to females. Also just in the broad scope. Peculiar.

Of course, that doesn't mean the commitment to my anime addictions has gone anywhere. ;X Too bad many of those appeal to such minorities, so the help is rather limited... I feel your pain, onkei_kun. D:
Some status updates in Ryuu-Rogue for those interested.
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