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[talk][download] End of the year spam... a bit of almost everything

Yar... while many Japanese series running on TV are getting a week break for New Year's and whatnot, a lot of specials and such have been getting released on DVD or airing, etc~ Like the GSD Final Plus special and Honey & Clover Special L (can't wait for the other... :O~). I'm really glad that my connection at home is pretty darn good with bittorrent, so I got these among the first run of leeches. XD

Ah My Goddess also has some DVD specials, but AnimeYuki is working on getting raws for subbing. I'll be editing again. ;3

Was talking to GeneralSmoker, founder of #nipponsei, and he mentioned they were having a hard time finding Yakitate!! Japan OST 2 and Eyeshield 21 OST... help~~~ need our m00sics~ XD

End of the year art spam! I set a goal to color 3 in a week~ I love LJ's scrapbook feature for all the fun automatic resizes it makes available after uploading <3

Fire Emblem 7 - Matthew x Guy - http://www.deviantart.com/view/26704483/

Taichi and Yamato - http://www.deviantart.com/view/26848278/

Frontier Trio (Takuya, Kouji, Kouichi) - http://www.deviantart.com/view/26849281/

Waa... when I think of how much I can do if I just lived with my art materials and didn't have any other responsibilities to take care of... it excites me. But I know it wouldn't happen. :'( One of the reasons why I actually managed to complete this goal is because it's winter break... no classes :O~~~~ And another reason... fansub slowness. XD; And this leads to...

I edited Papa to Kiss in the Dark 1, and waiting on aarinfantasy for that. And still the Araiso OVAs XD; No idea, but I understand that the people in her group are just like the rest of us in that we have things to do over winter break too.

A bunch of Onmyou Taisenki eps are in RC encoding/checking, which is supposed to be done by other staff, but since the typesetter Sango never goes on IRC anymore, I have to work more to coordinate the other members. More of my own time... :( And Banyai, our initial editor for OT is on an internship of some sort, working with animals and doesn't have time for the internet in general for a while. Right now, mattheus, the encoder, just went on a vacation in the middle of encoding RCs, so we have to wait until he gets back to get going with anything. xD;; Yes, it's lots of waiting. But nobody good enough wants to help us, so... that's how it is. I thank you if you want to help... but if you're not good enough, it'll just be more of a hindrance. >:O That's understandable, right? :'( Harsh...

Transition? What's that?

I think of all the BL I've been listening to so far, Gakuen Heaven has fascinated me the most because of the UTTER BLISSFUL gathering of my favorite seiyuu. On the surface, it might seem like a petty harem-ish kind of deal, same with what one would see with h-series like Shuffle or whatnot, people getting themselves into perverted situations, etc... (although comparing H with BL is dangerous ground in the first place, gomen~~~)... But that's hardly why I'm for it.

Cast - Fukuyama Jun, Sakurai Takahiro, Kamiya Hiroshi, Konishi Katsuyuki, Suzumura Ken'ichi, Tsuboi Tomohiro, Miki Shinichirou, Okiayu Ryuutarou, Nojima Hirofumi, Kamikawa Tomoko (the only female, though she still plays a male role)

Fangirling points:
  • Everyone x Fukuyama Jun x Everyone XD;

  • ...Which means Fukuyama Jun/Kamiya Hiroshi :O~~~~ it's not OTP for me, but LISTENING to both of them in the same scenes is just... :O~~~~~

  • ...On that point-- Kamiya Hiroshi~~~~ IROPPOI

  • KAMIYA HIROSHI UKE IROPPOI... Kind of a pushy uke, although not completely~ because of the "queen" Hahahaa. That kind of stuff isn't usually my thing, but... it's KAMIYA HIROSHI~


  • Suzumura Ken'ichi with a kansai accent... XD

  • Waa Fukuyama Jun goes well with so many people as usual. Just like he was as Onmyou Taisenki's Riku~ :O~

  • Kamiya Hiroshi (Kouji) and Suzumura Ken'ichi (Kouichi)... whenever these two are in the same vicinity in a BL drama (they don't have direct interactions in this series), I just get weird squeelies for some reason. XD

  • Konishi Katsuyuki... after Loveless, I hear absolute SOUBIness in every single one of his roles. This one is no exception even though he's a very different character. Grah yum XD~

  • Kawakami Tomoko... you are too cool. If I were a seiyuu, but I still had to be female irl, I would very much like to be you... haha. XD Ueki, Utena, HnG... man, some hot stuff you've gotten to work with.

  • Sakurai~ Such an interesting role in this series :D kahahahaa *falls over from the dead plot bunnies*

  • Miki's "MY HONEY" freaks me out... wtf XD

  • Okiayu Ryuutarou... I do really like that low tone... It's just very nice and peaceful to listen to.

  • The song tracks from BITTER CHOCOLATE and SWEET CANDY
    Little Wish
    WALK UP!

    Get the rest of it here, along with a boatload of others~

    fb_alchemist, got your Alphonse Christmas card yesterday. XDDD The cat on the front... LOL you love your cats, don't you. Thank you~

    I'd have scans too... but J-list, the place where I get Animedia and Animage are really slow with me lately. I've been thinking of trying AnimeTen again because their shipping option is both faster and cheaper. The only thing keeping me from switching is that... the first time I tried them, their business was having a lot of trouble in general, and it took them FOREVER to send me the first issue... and then it was the issue before the one they claimed it would be, which means I already had it. But that was several months ago, and since then, the Animeten's business has supposedly stabilized. And then... I want to really make sure something like that won't happen again... I'd really like to hear if someone else has a subscription from them, and if it's going well now.
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