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[talk] Pokemon movie 8/others, Digimon series 5. A night of old-time monsters! <3

Erf, I'm going to change the way I title things for the sake of organization, so I'm going to yoink occhan's way of doing it kinda. Need to organize, organize!! I miss you, occhan ;_;~ But above that, I hope things are going well over there. ^^


[Pokemon] Waa just finished watching Pokemon movie 8 (Japanese, no subs)... My new favorite Pokemon movie XD~ As I've mentioned before in places, I don't watch the TV series, even though I get random urges and go on huge download sprees, only to never watch most of the stuff I download. So the movies... and sometimes the specials I watch. Lack of time. :X

Pokemon movie 8 - Aaron

So... was thinking about the other movies in the shower since that's what I did right after watching. XD;
1: My previous favorite... and I almost want to consider it a tie for the top for now. Well, can't really top the main theme of Satoshi/Pikachu-ness when it comes to story <3 Mewtwo and Mew are rather hot, too. So much... Mewtwo angst. O.o;
2: Sexy legendaries. Lots of action and... Charizard! Toi et Moi is my favorite Pokemon movie theme despite all the weird stuff I hear about Namie Amuro.
3: Even MORE Charizard! *_*; All of Entei's crazy "I'm a Pokemon, but I'm her daddy!!!" was kind of ...interesting. Wasn't much for the Unown. And Pikachu fondling Satoshi's mom's breasts. Yeah.
4: Aww Satoshi and a cute yaoiable boi with Celebi's blessing~ XDDD The whole Mononoke parallel was a little too uncanny for me though. But... the yaoiable boi~~~ Haha.
5: Eh... this one's story was really blah. But since the Pokemon movie animation in general is just *___*, I can't resist not seeing any of them. W00t water games.
6: Has my 2nd favorite Pokemon movie theme~ I really liked seeing Absol and the circus couple was interesting too. The movie itself was pretty so-so compared to the others, otherwise.
7: A nice multitudes of yaoiables. XD; But it has the most obnoxious insert song from Tommy February, and the uke boy actually annoyed me for the most part. Deoxys and the cubes were pretty so-so for me as well. The ending had me all "awwww companionship..~~~" though, so that was okay.
8: I'm really glad they didn't break the trend of not having a true "evil" guy in the plot... I thought there would be one in the beginning, but after a while, I breathed a sigh of relief and let myself... enjoy. Justice of kicking badguy ass is nice and all, but this movie definitely went to focus on relationships instead. The elements in the movie contributed to the development of the movie quite well. And that was just fine... that's pretty much why I'm still into Pokemon Anime.~ The powerful relationships... especially with Satoshi and his Pokemon. I used to ridicule Satoshi all the time for his actions, but now he just fascinates me (although he still jumps the gun and runs into badddd, baddd situations stupidly. This movie was no exception. But eh... getting used to it. XD~)... And this movie portrayed that really well. Rukario and Mew were awesome. Aaron is good stuff. XD. Oh yeah-- Kojiro had some really nice random animation in here too. D: whoaz.

Pokemon movie 8 - Rukario and Aaron

Rukario and Aaron... Favorite scene from the movie... :')

[Digimon] 5th series has been confirmed! I kept forgetting to mention this earlier because it didn't seem that big of a deal to me back then... There's not much information on it yet, so there's not much to get excited about for me. haha.. However... it probably explains some of the things I've been doing as of late. XD

Celebi came into the IRC chan a couple days ago and hyped us all about it, then proceeded to be obnoxious enough for me to ban him. It's bad enough to me to be that obnoxious in general, but when it starts pressing on other people in the chan... I give the major boot. XD I'll lift the ban... when it feels fit. Main point here is... I'm definitely not one op to piss off, but that shouldn't be new news.

Yes, this year has definitely had some awesome things. And with this, the future years look promising.

I want to accomplish a few certain things for New Year's, so pseudo look forward to it. Pseudo.. :O~
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